Average Rating:

  • by Peter Randazzo,

    Comprehensive and well-organized

    I purchased this course to better familiarize myself with the technologies covered. I didn't expect to learn as much as I did. The topics are covered thoroughly while respecting the intelligence of the student. Rob's approach balances good form with practicality to allow students to learn and test their learning in meaningful exercises. While I look for my next course, I hold the others to the high standard that Rob has set and I'm having difficulty. Thank you, Rob, for an amazing course that's a value, even at full-price. Cheers!

  • by Anastasia Chatzievangelou,

    Mr Rob Percival is the best teacher ever!!!! The videos are great and everything is explained in the most amazing way!

    Apart from that the immediate response from Mr Rob himself when you have a question or a problem with the code is surprisingly quick and helpful!!!!! .....i had bought another web developer course from udemy....that was really awful. I had also watched few others that were also not quite good....but with this one i am more than satisfied!!!! I recommend it to every one starting or enhancing the knowledge on web development!!! Many thanks to Mr Percival that offers us such a professional course and free hosting space as well!

  • by Michael Dery,

    A real world experience

    This course is a great refresher of what I just took in my college course, as well as with the generous offer of the Free web hosting, it allows me to give my hand at different projects all leading up to putting my own website out there for the world to see. This is a great course for anyone wanting to learn how to program in HTML and create beautiful web pages and possible have a career in web development. Job well done, Rob!

  • by Otto Ho,

    The Very Best Web Dev Course

    I have purchased several web developer courses ranging from rails to django. However, Rob's teaching style and step by step guidance really made web developing a lot more intuitive! Not only will you learn a great deal in this course, but you will actually be confident implementing a website by yourself. Ranging from simple static websites using only HTML CSS to more back end and dynamic websites - this course has it all!!! If you are serious about developing a website, this is it!

  • by Reggie Keys,

    Training covers everything.

    This course does more then any other class or tutorial I have taken. It prepares you to be self sustaining, It prepares you to make your own sites not cookie cutter sites. This course covers everything, Java Script, CSS, PHP, Mysql and everything else any budding web developer needs. This class is well worth your time and energy that it will take for you to become a developer.

  • by Yong Sheng Zhou,

    This course is very easy to learn for beginner.

    This is my first learning class in Udemy. I find that learning something from website is so easy!! And this course is so good for beginner. Try it!! You will find the cool thing by learning HTML, CSS, PHP and so on.

  • by Dirk Kinley,

    Covers Important Knowledge Areas and Clear!

    Disclosure: I am still working my way through this course. That said I chose it based on the topics covered, free web hosting and coverage of deployment and plugin tools, and Rob's fancy UK accent. Good stuff!

  • by Todd Mendez,

    Loving the Complete Web Developer

    This is a very comprehensive course. I have taken others in the past, but this one is so much better. I love the fact that you get documents to go over and the forum has been a blessing when I have gotten stuck. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to learn about web design.

  • by Thomas Roddick,


    I took this course to learn how to set up a website for a university society. Not only did it enable me to set up a great looking website that I'm really proud of, it's also got me totally inspired and I'm looking for any excuse to test out all the skills I've developed. Best investment I've made!

  • by Kristian Spiering,

    Exceeded my expectations

    I have done some html and was familiar with CSS.

    This course has really helped me put everything together.

    The course is laid out well and Rob is a great instructor.

  • by Ted Presley,

    Great course!

    A ton of material covering just about every aspect of basic web design, plus a year of free hosting on a good hosting service. 5/5

  • by Vincent Laquidara,

    Lots of good information

    I signed up for this course because it covered many aspects of web development, more than most and it was a good price. Also, the free web hosting is an added benefit.

  • by Jordy Tack,

    Very easy and good course

    I have this course just 2 days but i'm already on lecture 23, it's very easy to understand and rob is a very good teacher. Thanks very much.

  • by Tibulca Adi,

    Great Course

    Easy to understand

  • by Luis Delgado M,


    the course is good but what's happened with video quality,,It's sometimes awful !!

  • by Michael Schneider,

    Excellent Web Developer Course

    Rob Percival gives you a step-by-step guide for you to become a successful web developer if you put in the time and effort. Rob has been a web developer for 7 years and a teacher for 10 years. He gives you free web hosting for the duration of the course which is cool and he states he will give you a complete refund if you don't earn the money you spent on this course within 60 days of completing it.

    You learn by doing. He SHOWS you in the first lession what websites you are going to create throughout the course. This is pretty exciting and impressive.

    What he asks you to do is easy. He covers what is needed to create a very simple webpage to begin with and then moves on to create an actual HTML 5 webpage by reviewing From this html source, he teaches you what some of the elements are in this specific website. He includes some PDF docs as lessons you can download for reference for new things he introduces as you go through video lessons. Honestly, I'm not sure if all lessons have a PDF to download. Why ? I haven't finished this course yet, but I am trying to move forward. He does cover more of the HTML 5 elements as you move through each lesson in that section. Anyway, there are 232 lessons to cover. I believe nearly all are video lessons. Actually, lessons 229-232 are different versions of the free ebook "How to earn $10,000 While Learning To Code". As I said before, I've only gone through part of this course so far, but I am very excited because I am truly learning how to create websites from scratch which I believe is important. This is something I've always wanted to do but never found the right course (or time for that matter) to just do it. This is the course to get if you've never created a website from scratch before. I don't know Rob. And I'm not trying to add "hype" for you to purchase this course. I did purchase this course through So far this course is excellent. Here are some more things he covers: CSS, Javascript, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress, PHP and MySQL amongst more interesting things. To conclude, I believe he explains what to do very well and I am very impressed. I'm looking forward to finishing this course and becoming a successful web developer.

    Kind Regards,


    Illinois, USA

  • by John Irving,

    What he says is true and exceeds my expectations!!

    When I first read Rob Percival's description of "The Complete Web Developer Course-Build 14 Websites", I WAS skeptical. I hesitated and asked myself if ALL HE SAID WAS TRUE?! Would I really get FREE HOSTING? Would I get to BUILD A WEB site and host it? Would I really learn to create a website? Could this course really live up to all my expectations and deliver AS PROMISED?! Would the HOSTING be FREE? Would this be the COMPLETE COURSE that I was looking for?

    My ONLY REGRET is that I DID NOT SIGN UP THAT day. I am a newbie and have just been with the course over two weeks. In that time I have NOT been disappointed. I have learned how to:

    1. create a domain

    2. use the C-Panel -- and understand it!

    3. set up an account

    4. upload files using FTP

    5. create an attractive Web page (

    ( This is MY FIRST PROJECT created after lecture 32)

    I wished I had enrolled earlier, I would have been so much farther along.

    Mr. Percival delivers as promise. I have not been disappointed.

    The course is easy to follow, direct in its approach, broad in its coverage of topics, and provides the learner with light or deep insight(s) into the topics that are covered.

    This step-by-step approach is easy to follow and is given in the right amount for maximum learning. The potential Web developer has a storehouse of references and practical reference tools at his/her disposal.

    I finally decided to try the course which I had thought was too good to be true. But it is true and exceeds my expectations!!

    Don't put off your dreams. Start learning. It is BELIEVABLE and TRUE!

  • by David Green,

    Absolutely fantastic course!

    After having been an ecowebhosting customer for several years (and having been consistently impressed by the service), I thought I would give this course a try. I am an intermediate web developer with several years experience developing websites (although more from the web 'design' side rather than as a 'developer' .. nonetheless, I considered myself at least vaguely familiar with most of the concepts in the chapter-listings). However, Rob's straightforward and clearly deeply knowledgeable tuition has revealed all kinds of new facets of good web dev practice to me, from overall methods of 'good practice' to functionality I was unaware of, through to some pretty complex methods of integrating different languages to get the right balance of flexibility, reliability and usability. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone as it really does live up to its title - it does feel like a 'complete' course and I've left it feeling like there's nothing stopping me! Thanks Rob - and cheers for the years of great service at ecowebhosting as well.

  • by Anton Kawasaki,

    WOW - This course makes me believe I can become a web developer!

    No joke -- I'm only half-way through this course, and I'm ALREADY building websites for other people!!! I already knew my way around Wordpress a bit, and knew some standard HTML -- but I felt like I was always hitting a wall with just how much MORE I could learn about web development, and Rob's course makes what seemed so complicated before look soooooo easy! Now I can finally customize CSS and do Javascript commands that I never knew. I'm so inspired by what I'm learning, that I'm already telling people I can build websites for them! Perhaps I'm jumping ahead too quickly (like with this review), but I've made my first website and it looks great.

    Now I'm excited to learn the rest of the course, and apply that to what I'm already doing to make even better sites. I can definitely see a new career coming from all of this, and Rob's course definitely gave me the inspiration. The free hosting and everything else that comes with this course (like all the helpful info found on the forums) makes this more than worth the price.

  • by Matt Hill,

    Just what I was looking for

    I've worked primarily with desktop development over the past 10-15 years, primarily with MS Access and Excel. I'm aware of the movement of the UI to the web interface, and wanted to find out the capabilities, and how easy it would be to port something from a desktop environment. I have touched on the use of various web technologies in the projects I have worked on, but admit to finding Java tricky to get my head around, and CSS was something i was aware of, but left to others to deal with. Rob's course has proved to be just what I was looking, shedding light on the world of CSS, whilst adding depth to my knowledge of other web technologies. I thought that to develop a web application for desktop and mobile would require that I start from scratch with new technologies, but having spent a week or so working through this course, I can see it's not such a daunting task. I've always been an advocate of the learn as you build approach, and it's nice to see that examples of common pitfalls and mistakes are not airbrushed. Looking forward to see what comes next!

  • by Yamani Bugga Mallaiah,

    Amazing collection of topics in a single course.

    I have just completed few lectures but looking at the complete course overview, I am amazed. Below are the things that I rate this course.

    1. Is the instructor's language/slang understandable: Yes

    2. Is he course structure follows correct pattern : Yes

    3. Am I able to practice without additional help: Yes

    4. Are the parcticals close to realtime scenarios: Yes

    5. Is the price reasonable: Yes

    6. Did/does the course add any value to you: Yes

    I liked it very much and this course well deserves 5 stars.

    My thanks and appreciations to Rob.

    -Mallaiah YB

  • by Mark Cohen,

    A Great, Fun Introduction to Website Development

    This course provides an easy to understand introduction to all of the major website technologies & various website types, including WordPress, Bootstrap & Mobile sites. Presented in a fun & enthusiastic manner.

    Plenty of support offered by the tutor (& other students) in the discussion forum. A very lively course to be involved in; you really feel you're learning alongside other students.

    To top it all off, the web hosting being offered as part of this course is of a high quality.

    Well worth the money.

  • by Caleb Peaslee,

    This course covers everything I was looking for

    I took a web development course recently in college, but it only covered HTML5 and CSS3. I was looking for a course that would expand my knowledge to not only develop websites, but also about PHP and Javascript. I found this course and it has everything I was wanting and more. I think that it is great that Rob has the section on actually setting up web hosting so everything that you develop through the course is on the web and not just running on your local computer. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to become a web developer.

  • by Amy Funderburg,

    Great curriculum topics!

    I have recently graduated from University of Phoenix's BS in Web Development and have only learned the very basics of web development, not nearly enough to even apply for an internship as a junior web developer. The curriculum description for this course covers many topics that I was not taught in the 4 years I attended school. This course is exactly what I was looking for to supplement the areas that were lacking in my education. The bonus free web hosting is awesome, thank you for your generosity.

  • by Melanie Pokorny,

    Well thought-out and executed.

    I think this is probably the definitive web development course on offer here at Udemy - if you need a primer on everything to do with building websites, all bases are covered here. The free website hosting is a definite plus too. I've noticed that Rob is an exceptional tutor in that he's always quick to offer responses and help when needed, and actively seeks feedback to improve the course when he can. I can unreservedly recommend this course to others.

  • by Vanessa Berry,

    Complete Web Developer Course

    This is a great course! Rob teaches you the necessary coding skills to become a modern web developer with relevant practical applications at the end of each chapter. He also throws in an ebook that reveals practical and invaluable tips and advice that will give you the confidence and motivation to jump-start your career as a web developer. As an added bonus, you even get free web-hosting! What more could you want?

  • by James Calder,

    Look no Further Whether your a beginner or sessioned developer!

    I signed up for this course and I have a little experience with web development. The course and the instructor are great and take you at well thought out pace and start out with the basics and introduce you at the right times for the more advanced levels of development. You can't ask for better instruction and a wealth of complete knowledge for a beginner or advanced web developer. I highly recommend this course.

  • by Jorine Houweling,

    Worth every penny

    Having processed half the lectures now, this course exceeds my expectations boldly. I was looking for a way to improve my basic web developer skills professionally and get up to date with the newest techniques. This course covers it all, it’s fun, motivating and Robs support is great (even with silly problems like activating your free domain). And my favourite plus: you’ll get a bucketload of huge practical tips and references throughout the course!

  • by PJ Somers,

    An Easy 5 Stars!

    This is the first Udemy course I have taken and I know I have chosen well! A very high bar has been set for future courses I may take! I am thoroughly enjoying the course. The content is top notch and the lectures and tasks set at a perfect pace. As a graphic designer and being all about the visual, who knew I would enjoy coding so much - thanks Rob! Believe every review here, this course is fantastic and Rob a brilliant teacher.

  • by Karl Taylor,

    Awesome Web Developer's Course

    I've taken several courses online, some with udemy and others like TreeHouse, Code School and Code Academy. This is an awesome course because of the in depth knowledge of the lectures. Mr. Rob Percival is an easy to understand and a straight forward instructor. I would diffidently recommend this course and as an extra bonus comes with free web hosting, no other internet course offers that to my knowledge.

  • by Stephan Hendricks,

    Surprised By This Course

    This course has changed the way I think about web product development and the web in general. The course is extremely thorough in its coverage. The way that the instructor integrated the project building to reinforce the teaching is just perfect. The best learning investment I have made in a long time.

  • by Mohammed Ali,

    top quality training

    I'm lesson 25 and loving it so far, simple instruction and well structured course to help you get most of it. I read couple books and never completed cuz it was boring after while but hope to be building awesome sites soon. and thanks to the course i got domain name and have used fTp to connect and update content - awesome

  • by SUPER DAVE,

    Excellent Course!!!!!

    The hardest part about web develpoment is "Where do I start" Rob's course takes you from Hello World to a creating pro level websites and not only that you will learn how to FTP and learn about hosting your site. This is a must take course if you are serious about taking your web development skills to new levels

  • by Nikki Long,

    Very easy to follow, even for a novice like me!

    I am a complete beginner and find the videos easy to follow. Rob is very clear and concise and gets straight to the point with no waffling. And as an added bonus you get free web hosting, what more could you ask for? I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about web development, it really does contain everything you need.

  • by Savitha Thomas,

    Great course for beginners

    Rob's style of teaching is great. The HTML codes that I used to dread by just looking at them seem so simple and easy to create. I have just finished the first chapter and I am already impressed by the course and it's curriculum and the fact that it's all so easy to comprehend. This course is definitely a thumbs up!

  • by Cameron Haslehurst,

    Absolutely Wonderful!

    I am thoroughly impressed with this course as of now. I have just completed the HTML section, and am chugging along to the CSS chunk of the course. Rob makes the content not only easy to understand, but fun to do as well! This is the first course I have taken on Udemy, and I know it will be one of my top contenders for sure. Excellent work!

  • by Charles Parkhurst,

    Great starter course!

    This course, so far, has been a really good start to learning how websites are created now. Gives some pretty good examples and allows you to get a free subscription to web hosting to try out what you're learning, which, is an even better way to learn something... Testing your website on a live server!

  • by Malerie Anderson,

    Loving it so far

    I've only completed the HTML section of the course, but so far I love it. I created a website completely from scratch. Rob shows you what to do, gives you all the skills you need, and then sets you on a project to see what you've learned. Learning by projects is excellent for me, one of the key things that drew me to the course.

  • by Theo S,

    The big picture

    This course also gives you a lot of insight into what you'll *actually be doing* as a web developer which lets you get an idea of which things are more important to learn than others. No one else seems to be teaching web development this way.

  • by Reid Rodger,

    The Complete Web Developer Course

    Complete, fully detailed and understandable course. It has a "Hands On" support by the course creator also who also maintains the lectures. "IF" you ever have a question or don't understand "How To" do something you'll receive a quick response.

  • by Rome Kent,

    Awesome Course with Great Examples

    This course goes at just the right pace to make things easy to learn and implement. Everything is explained in great detail. Awesome examples and assignments to work through to test your new skill set. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in web development.

  • by Ethan Schaeffer,

    Great So FAR!!!

    I already knew HTML 5 but got this course for the various other sections available within. I really like his teaching style it is very conducive to learning in my opinion. I would definitely suggest it to a friend!

  • by Greg Vissing,

    Best Web Developer Course out there!

    This is the perfect course for those wanting to get into web development or wanting to stay current with today's web developer careers. Each lecture the instructor explains the topics in an understandable manner. The free web hosting is nice too so you can practice what you are learning.

  • by Nate Vagle,

    Outstanding Course

    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the projects involved in each module. Being a visual learner, being able to put each method into action is priceless. Highly recommended for anyone aspiring to be a Web Developer! Well Done!

  • by Marko,

    Great course to get you going!

    Rob is a good teacher and presents the material in a relaxed, but nicely structured and logical way. What I like the most is that it really motivates you to do the practical part yourself. All in all well worth the money! Thanks a lot!

  • by Scott Cleveland,

    Detailed Explanations!

    This course offers a very detailed explanation to the different topics of web development. It is done in such a way that is easy to follow without using advanced terminology that new students would have difficulty with. I especially like the code reviews (.pdf files) at the end of each section.

  • by Julian Botaya,

    About this course


    This course is great. Very well explained and easy to understand. And with the ability to test in a real environment for free. This makes it even better.

    Thank you

  • by Robert Urso,

    A good deal!

    You get quite a lot of quality and quantity for the money spent. Even for a not native speaker like me, it is easy to follow.

  • by Suman Chandra Das,

    This course is well organised and easy to understand as a beginner. It is only course where you can build 14 website while learning.

    The Complete web developer course can change your life and you can learn the skills of web developing and earn money wherever you are. Thanks a lot to Mr. Rob Percival.

  • by Sriram RB,

    No Brainer -Best web dev course on Udemy

    Awesome course to learn everything needed to get you building web sites.Rob's teaching is very methodical and clear.Two thumbs up from me.

  • by Kairi Tulev,

    Exellent course

    This course is interesting and easy to follow :) I would recommend it to anyone who would like to learn how to build a website!

  • by Benson Chang,

    Excellent step by step web developer course

    Rob is an excellent instructor. He taught web development step by step. I learned so much from him. I recommend if you are interested in becoming a developer, this is the best course for you. Cheers!

  • by Krishna,

    Very well presented course

    I bought this course for my wife to lean about web development. She found the presentation and content very easy to follow. Highly recommended.

  • by Catherine Ashworth,

    This course gets right to the point and it is easy to follow

    It is very easy to follow and I am able to use what I learn right away.

    I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn how to create websites.

  • by Bob Janousek,

    Nicely done!

    This is a great course because it covers many aspects seen in modern web sites. Additionally, the included web hosting is a big bonus. The content is well structured and designed.

  • by Rod Weis,

    Great variety of learning resources

    Rob Percival has compiled a large variety of lessons to help you understand web development from end-to-end. Highly recommended!

  • by Greg Abellard,

    The Best web developer Course

    I've taken a couple of web developer courses, but this one by far is the best. Kudos to the instructor!

  • by Vladimir Khlystov,

    Great course

    Easy to follow along with good explanations.

  • by Dimitris Roumeliotis,

    The best course i have found till now!!!

    One of the most practical courses Ive ever seen, Fascinated to learn it also includes web hosting

  • by Quanli,

    Awesome course

    I like it, very helpful. It worth every coin I paid.

    I am looking forward to your new course.

  • by Leonid Kuzmin,

    Very good curriculum

    ... and web hosting bonus to try all of it.

  • by Timothy Catibog,


    Comprehensive and detailed. Excellent course.

  • by John Gerles,


    One of the best courses I have ever bought in Udemy!

  • by Phani Kanth,

    Simple and easy to learn

    I started the course a 2week ago and it looks good and well structured..

  • by Kenneth A. Bettum Gjermstad,

    Detailed at a good speed

    I've just started this course having been a graphic designer mostly for print for many years, but so far I'm positively surprised by the level of teaching Rob is sharing with us. I thought I knew HTML already from earlier classes, but decided to start from scratch just in case, and I'm so glad I did. The lectures are fast, but Rob still manages to cramp each and every one full of information in a way that it makes it logical. I can't give a full mark yet since I'm still in the beginning of the course, but I'll come back when I'm done to share my view :) So far it looks really good :D

  • by David Mears,

    Thank you Rob

    I have just started this course. Rob's delivery style and pace are great and the added bonuses such as free hosting are very welcome. Being able to see my work on a webpage instantly is one enjoyable aspect of the course. Rob assumes a certain level of computer savvyness in his lectures which may be a stumbling block for those like me who are coming to this as complete novices.

  • by Ahmed Kathar,

    Clarified and Easy following

    Though I'm noop to web design ,I found Rob's web design course to be very informative ,easy following and to the point.

    Not to mention the free hosting and the code book which will prove to be of use,I really recommend the course to any one

  • by Shafiq Daniel,

    Easy to understand, well structured

    I have absolutely zero knowledge on web development. But after taking this course, I feel that it is not too late for me to learn, as this course is well-explained and well-structured, even for beginner like me.

  • by Stephen R Stack,

    Great Class! Very informative

    Rob Percival is a good teacher. He's combined all of the modern web practices into one course I've learn a lot already. Great for print designers who want to get into doing web development.

  • by Ron Carney,

    Good Course so far

    I like that this course deals with all the aspects of web server and file maintenance as well as the coding. Will post a more in deptch review after finishing all of the lectures.

  • by Andres Masis,

    Great course!

    I've enrolled in a series of courses for web development and this one has been the best so far. It does have parts in which I think having previous knowledge might be necessary though.

  • by Abdul Rahman,

    Still Learning

    So far so good. Simple and covers the fundamentals

  • by Meghavi Mashar,

    Great so far...

    So far, well explained, concise and clear videos! Really enjoying it so far :D

  • by Russell Rogers,

    Course is fine so far, BUT not fully baked

    I'm only 9% complete with this course so far so please take this criticism lightly.

    Since I know HTML and CSS fairly well at this point I decided to jump straight into the JavaScript lessons first.

    What I found was a video instruction series that isn't quite complete (yet, hopefully). The videos are very rough and have not been edited to remove any parts where the instructor made a mistake. What you will see (as of July 17, 2014) is this instructor make a mistake, stop, then immediately do a retake of that section that will likely be edited in later.

    As far as I can tell, this instructor seems to know the material well enough to teach it BUT I saw that he was getting some of his information from when he was closing some windows.

    I don't believe that he was reading info straight from the page (probably just keeping the info around for reference), but W3Schools does have a bit of a confusing reputation online so just be aware of that from the start.

    I realize that what this instructor is trying to offer is daunting, and thankfully it looks like he is going to be polishing up these videos over time (according to the email I got from him today). But just be aware that you're purchasing a course right now that is not finished yet.

  • by Mr Ashley Eatly,

    A Pretty good course - The Complete Web Development Course - Build 14 Websites

    I have had some experience with working with websites using Wordpress and so on. I have even created quite a few from scratch - using dreamweaver and older web design packages etc.

    However this course is the first one I have looked at that teaches the student from the basics of HTML all the way through CSS Bootstrap etc. The other interesting thing which is of immense use is that you do have as part of the course - an unlimited shared web hosting package which saves a lot of time and concern regarding choosing a hosting provider.

    The other thing is that it is a uk based eco provider and the course is presented by someone based in UK... not that that should be any issue for students from UISA and elsewhere - but it should mean that for UK based students there is less of an issue regarding time zone issues when requesting help and assistance.

    I haven't tried to see how quick the response times to queries are... but it is going to be interesting.

    So far the course is good and the videos, books and other information are just right.

    Think I am going to enjoy this and complete this as soon as possible.

  • by Allan Lane,

    Comes With Free Hosting!

    The great thing about this course is that it comes with free hosting. Rob Percival, the instructor, helps you get set up, shows you how to upload and check how your site looks on the web from a real server, even if you choose not to purchase a domain name yet. You don't have to set up a server on your home computer, or worry that your web host is using the same software as the instructor. Rob owns the hosting site, so you know that it's going to work. All this is free to you when you get this course -- for a limited time, naturally, but long enough to complete your work! Rob's teaching is great: very straightforward, always showing you what he's doing and telling you why, with review summaries supplied after each major section so you can print out cheat sheets as you go along to help you remember. The pace of the course is good, and the projects become more real world as you go along. Obviously this isn't the only "Become a Web Developer" course out there, but the addition of free hosting as part of the course sets this one apart for value, and for ease of use on the learner's part. Highly recommended.

  • by Chris Ozag,

    Overall Great Course

    This course will definitely teach you basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., and it does it very effectively.

    The best thing about this course is that by building actual websites at the end of each chapter, you get to see and work through practical application of the knowledge you've gained in the previous lessons. Most other coding and development courses don't do this.

    If I were to offer some constructive criticism, it would be that in a lot of the lessons some best practices seem to be compromised in the interest of saving time (for instance, not separating style and script into separate documents), and some of the video quality on some of the lessons isn't that great, makes it tough to see what's going on.

    Overall this is an excellent course and if you are interested in web development I highly recommend it. Mr. Percival is a knowledgeable teacher and you are given ample opportunity to utilize your newly obtained skills through the projects, and it even comes with free web hosting. Can't beat that.

  • by David Brannon,

    Fantastic Course with an Excellent Web Hosting Account - For Free

    I've always wanted to learn how to code for the web and Rob's course is certainly allowing me to develop my skills. His tutorials are at a good pace. I've tried other courses in the past where lecturers hang around and dwell on points - Rob makes sure the student gets coding straight away. I'm in the early stages of the course but have already got a website online.

    Rob gives free access to web hosting as a part of the course so you can hit the ground running - it's an excellent idea. I tinkered around before looking at hosting packages, trying youtube video tutorials about nameservers etc and found the advice out there on the web was difficult to decipher. Rob makes this easy right from the beginning.

    I'm going to be adding so much to my CV - I think this course is excellent value for money and will allow me to progress in my career.

  • by Simon Nung,

    Amazing course for web developers

    First I was sceptical about it when I saw it, thinking there must be a catch, but then I watch the video and previewed the content of the course describing the it offers and I was amaze for such a small price, I could learn new things That I wouldn't think I would ever learn which this course provides. I'm not new to HTML and CSS but it taught me how to use it different because the way I use it is through PSD, through designing and then slicing objects into divs. I'm not that far into the course but what I learnt so far has been valuable. It has so much more to offer since I can learn things I would never I would ever learn such as bootstrap, API, MySQL, Query and more. It made me understand JavaScript much better along. Overall, amazing course for anyone who wants to learn about web development.

  • by Tracey Richards,

    Great course and value for money

    I haven't completed this course as yet but up to now I have been highly impressed with the content. The course is very clearly presented and the way in which the videos are broken down into manageable, discrete chunks is especially effective.

    The inclusion of free web hosting is a real bonus. I have taken a number of courses previously that have been great in content but putting them into real world application has not always been easy. With this course you are put into a true environment from the onset.

    I think that this course is great value for money and I envisage that I will be constantly revisiting this course as I progress my knowledge. I would definitely buy one of Rob's courses again.

  • by Matthew Hartman,

    Everything you need to become a web-developer

    This course is one of the few where you learn everything you need to know in order to truly call yourself a web developer. The teaching style is great and should be replicated with other courses. You learn to build websites by actually building fully functional websites -hands on. This isn't just theory and instruction, where the student is left to put the pieces together. Instead, you are actually building real websites and learning the code as you go along. The feeling of accomplishment is the motivation to keep going on. When you can look back and see what you have done, it makes you want to keep going. I would definitely recommend this course. The videos are well done, the instructor is quick to respond and his voice is easily understandable. Highly recommended.

  • by Kyle,

    Fully deployable web development, perfectly clarified

    Rob is by far the best technical lecturer I've ever [virtually] met. He has developed this course to be suitable for all stages of learning, with appropriate explanations, reasoning, and examples behind important coding principles. I came in with a decent amount of experience in HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery, only wanting to expand into PHP/MySQL. However, I learned a ton from completing all sections, and he clarified a lot of simple solutions to common problems in web design. The inclusion of web hosting is worth the price itself, and he is incredibly responsive and helpful in addressing questions with his hosting site too. If you have any interest in learning, strengthening, or refreshing your skills, look no further -- join the course now!

  • by Adrian DeBarros,

    Course Review

    Mr. Rob Percival teaches this course in a real world manner and not a shove it down while choking on a book approach. Step by step instructions are very informative, presented at normal life pace, not too slow, not too fast. Reading the eBook while taking the course also helps with one's confidence. I studied C++ and design in high school. I am returning to my design roots and I choose web development as my platform. Mr. Percival helped me with my code writing confidence. Thank you for putting on courses like this and the hosting is a killer bundle bonus in this course. I tend to get sad when taking courses that ask me to find my own platform. Thanks again, I hope all who read, will give this course a chance and build your confidence in becoming a web developer!

  • by Jessica Wong,

    Lives up to its claim

    I was wondering if it was too good to be true. Everything you need to learn for web development and web hosting thrown in? Yes please!

    This course has taken the guesswork out of learning. Each chapter gives you a sound grasp of the basics and points you in the right direction for further learning. It covers a lot but the pace is fast enough to feel like you are making good progress. Rob also encourages you to start making your own projects right from the end of the first chapter, which was perfect for me as I already had a website in mind when I signed up to the course.

    I still have a lot of the course left to finish and am expecting to be equally as satisfied on completion.

  • by Damian Allanson,

    no-brainer ...

    I picked up this course when it was on offer. Two things really made it a no brainer - free hosting and included ebook on making money coding.

    I'm not a total noob to web dev, I've done various online courses - some to completion! So I thought I would find the basic stuff a bit of a grind. So far that's not the case and in fact I've learned a few things even in basic HTML.

    Rob's presentation style is spot on and I also like the projects he's selected for each section - very important - there's plenty of places to find basic information on coding but if you never practice it you'll never progress.

  • by Eric García,

    Incredible course! Even for knowledgeable people!

    I just finished Section I.

    I've already many knowledges about the course topics! But going through a depth explanation as this course gives, its fascinating! I just read the lecture included named "How to earn $10,00 while learning to code". Its really a moving lecture and show you many things you wouldn't consider as important and necessary as you probably will do! I recommend this course for every kind of people who are interested; from beginner non code experienced to the most experienced developer!

  • by Martin Van Greuning,

    Informative and to the point

    I found the course to be very informative and to the point, no messing around and good examples were used throughout. The course is easy to follow and will definitely prove useful to beginners in the web development environment. I took the course for some of the chapters that I had a specific interest in. I have been doing web development for quite a long time now and found this course refreshing and quite up to date with current technologies and techniques. Keep up the great work Rob, I will definitely recommend this to anyone who has the need to learn about Web Development.

  • by Ryan Graham,

    Amazing Course!

    This course is very well put together, and has a ton of great information. The free web hosting allows you to apply what you learn and see it come together. Also if you need any help, Rob is excellent to respond in the discussions. The only thing I'd have to complain about is that sometimes either the editing or the video quality drops off and makes a step or two confusing, but even with that it is still not enough for me to take off any stars. Out of all of the courses I've taken on Udemy, this is tied in first place with another course that I loved. Amazing work!

  • by Faeiz Musa,

    Great web developer course plus free web hosting

    I'm as aspiring web developer have learned a lot from this course. Rob is a great teacher and he also easily reach by email.

    Web developer is one of the tough career, and Rob can be a great mentor. This course is the good start for someone that want to pursue a career into web developer.

    With a free unlimited web hosting offered altogether with this course, it is a steal. Students can put an action immediately after following the course step by step. That's may be what Rob trying to implement, learning by doing.

  • by Xiaoxiong Xing,

    A comparison between this course and the web development courses on other MOOC

    This is a great course I found on Udemy. I have ever taken some courses offered by Edx and Udacity on web development and I found the major difference between this course and the others is that the instructor of this course walked me through more examples and the course content covers both the front-end and back-end of the website design, while the web development course on Udacity doesn't talk much about front-end design, and the course on Edx emphasize more on teach people software engineering rather than building a functional website.

  • by Yaakov Eitan,

    This course is beautifully thought out and planned...

    As someone who has had years of experience writing documents in rudimentary HTML, but who has always wanted to get more advanced in website design and implementation, I think that this course is excellent. In particular I like Rob's approach that the best way to learn something is by actually doing it. The lessons in this course are at one and the same time both comprehensive and modular enough to take anyone through the paces of web development, regardless of his or her previous level of experience or lack thereof. Truly a five-stars-out-of-five course!

  • by Angie F,

    Best Website course I've done

    I tried learning HTML and CSS a few years back but gave up half way through, thinking I wasn't cut out for it. As Rob's course was so affordable (the other course cost me £475) I thought I'd give it another go and I'm so glad I did. Rob explains it so much better than some of the more expensive course instructors and I;m finding that it makes sense to me now and I'm able to create web pages and actually understand what I'm doing. I definitely recommend this course to people who want to learn web development.

  • by Peter Karlen,

    Clear and complete

    I have some experience with creating websites via Wordpress, but I have never taken a course on web development before. Even though I have just started this course I am already very impressed. Rob explains things very clearly and concisely, the videos are illustrative and to the point and the course seems to cover everything you need to know in order to call yourself a web developer. A wonderful bonus is the FREE hosting package included in the price as well as an eBook. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this course.

  • by Amit Bhattacharya,

    Excellent course

    This is an excellent course. I tried and before buying this course. All concepts are taught in small bits that are easy to understand. Having completed 44 of the 200+ lectures, I seem to have hit a personal wall as an adult learner, but I am sure if I persevere and barrel through the rest of the lectures, I will get a grounding on building websites. Thanks, Rob.

  • by Abdullah Al Tamimi,

    Step-by-Step Complete Web Developer

    Seriously, this is one of the most practical courses I have ever had.

    It is not just do as you see from the videos.

    Mr. Rob is giving us even the tools to build a true website on the web. Giving us the web hosting for free. More than that, he even giving us valuable tips on how to make money while learning.

    He is preparing us to be a well-paid web developers.

    I am so thankful for finding this course.

  • by Martino Brogio,

    Amazing course for Web Developers that comes With Free Hosting!

    I just finished the first Section, and I can't wait to go further!

    Its a very well structured course, and Rob, the instructor, is super responsive! In this course you actually learn things by doing projects and stuff and you also learn coding little by little as you go along.

    Plus all that you can get FREE HOSTING! For a limited time, obviously, but long enough to complete your projects!

    Highly recommended.

  • by Angeline Medina Cardona,

    You are not wasting your time!

    The course explains is explaining the processes, the languages the difference between each element in a clear and concise manner. The step by step instructions give space for the students to practice at the same time as the instructor, so you get a better understanding of the construction of the website, along with potential obstacles that may arise and how to solve them. I would definitely take more courses from this instructor.

  • by Kobi Levi,

    Excellent Course

    The complete web developer course is built very nicely. Every section uses and strengthen the knowledge of the previous ones. The material is presented in a very clear way. After finishing a section I can easily use the material that was covered and complete the project. I didn't know anything when I started and I feel I learned a lot.

    I highly recommend this course if you like to develop your own web pages.

  • by Nikos,

    Complete Guide To Start From Scratch

    This guide is an ultimate tool for someone who want to follow the road of developing websites and applications. It is well structured and gives a lot information and motivates the student to continue his effort besides this course covers a lot of different aspects.

    In addition Rob shares his experiences and tries to pass the knowledge of all these years of creating and designing websites.

    I am very glad to be a participant to this course. Congrats!

  • by Kemal StJohn,


    Rob, just want to say you really have done an awesome job with this course and Ill attribute it all to you. After taking some other online coding courses that promised understanding of coding I was really disappointed but this course is the holy grail. You really are a teacher, I just love how you have put he whole learning experience together. You're putting people in the positon to pursue their dreams and ideas and no amount of praise can equate to what that's truly worth.GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

  • by Michael J. Breslin,

    A well structured course with great resources to enhance learning

    I had a query when taking “The Complete Web Developer Course” by Rob Percival. Robs reply was prompt, courteous and provided valuable and informative feedback. This course is a great way for any beginner learning the subject for the first time as it is well structured and delivered in a very clear and well thought manner. The course will also benefit anyone who has already Web Developer skills. The excellent resources provided make for a great learning experience.

  • by Ramakrishna Rebbapragada,

    Complete Web Developer Course

    Rob has provided a very good overview of the latest in web development. HIs course is well structured , covered in depth, with good examples and can be taken in easy paces. Having access to a live web hosting facility is the big plus in this course. Overall value for money and more. I recommend everyone interested in web development to persue this course. YOu will receive more than anticipated. Cheers !!!

  • by Gar Wheeler,

    Up and running FAST!

    Rob gives you unlimited web hosting, which means you can have a real website that you create up and running within a couple of hours! Your website grows as you learn more skills through out the course.

    Rob is a great instructor, walking you through a step-by-step approach to a variety of projects to develop your skills.

    I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn web development and have fun doing it.

  • by Andries Nienaber,


    Hi, I know where to switch on a pc. But I always wanted to be able to write complete websites including databases and security features. This course does it all, it even shows you how to host and make money while you are learning.

    I will add another post later on once I am further into the course.

    Thanks Rob for making learning web development so easy to understand.

  • by Bartley O'Shea,

    Fantastic Course

    I have done quiet a few different courses over the past few years and this is by far the best I have done. The content is detailed, the delivery articulate. You work along with the lectures in very interesting projects. There is a great forum with the course where you can post any queries you may have. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Thanks Rob.

  • by Alistair Nunes,

    Absolutely fantastic course

    I am more of a back-end developer and was never quite interested in front end web development. I got a new domain and wanted to give it a shot at creating my own website. This course has been fantastic until now. I am done with the HTML and CSS courses and I must say they are fantastic. I look forward to trying out new front end development everyday. Thanks Rob.

  • by Cheung Shing Che Elsa,

    Well structured and easy to follow.

    I am still in the middle of CSS chapter. I find the lectures are well structured and easy to follow. I really appreciate the lecture note right after the video lecture, which allow me to recall what have learned and I can have a handy reference to look up when something go wrong. This really helpful for a non English speaking student.

    Thanks Mr. Percival !

  • by JHFullen,

    Finally a clear and concise web development course

    After a few false starts with various on-line training programs for web development skills, I am grateful for the work of Rob Percival. His lessons are thorough and well conceived. Where other courses left me discouraged because they assumed previous knowledge or were too disjointed or convoluted, I really enjoy Rob's courses. Thanks for the opportunity to finally learn about web development!

  • by Kevin Ross,

    Just starting the course

    I have dabbled in Web Design for a number of years and have decided to take a full look at what is new and what tools are available to the Web Designer. I find this course very easy to follow but chock full of good information. It is a very solid foundation for building that Web Design house !!! I look forward to many enjoyable hours learning in the next few weeks !!!

  • by Tariq Khan,

    Truly a complete web developer course!

    Of course to learn to create web pages it is an important step to see them deployed live on the net. Well this course not only teaches you the important tools to creating a modern web site, but includes a hosting package to get up and running with your first site quickly. Following the video tutorials will allow you to develop the current skills required to be a successful web developer.

  • by Nestor Cuevas,

    Most complete Web Developer Course!

    I have purchased and tried several web development courses and I must say that this is the most complete course I have found; the course content includes all of the latest technologies in web development, Rob has a great way of delivering/teaching the material, the free web hosting deal is great so that the student can learn how to set up their website in real time, great job Rob!

  • by Stefan Jarina,

    Just great!

    I like, how this course is structured and it explains all the details. Go from simplest (HTTP,CSS,JS) to hardest parts (PHP, MySQL, APIs). Even if I don't use PHP as a backend language, I can use 90% of the course. Lector has definitely great teaching skills. (+ finally some course, where lector use mac and not windows)

  • by Kenneth Vargas,

    Beautiful course!

    This course is loaded with a lot of useful information.

    Rob speaks really clear, I am a native Spanish speaker and can understand him very well, he does not use the jargon that American English speakers use and that makes the lessons even clearer.

    Rob really has a passion for teaching; you will notice it from the very first lesson.

    Keep it up Rob.

  • by Lillianobbs,

    Lillian Cobbs

    I think this course is so great because it has give me the knowledge to be able to get into a Diploma course at TAFE in Information Technology Networking so I can get a job and not have to worry if I will lose my pension in the future as I will have an income so thank you very much and I am have a ball writing code still got a lot to learn yet so be here until the end

  • by Jake Ojero,


    Rob is a great teacher and knows what he is doing! He provides you with excellent examples on how to do things and explains them very well. He doesnt bore me at all. I wish he had other seperate courses on udemy such as only PHP or only certain web developing languages! I would be a buyer and Everyone should be too. I wish all of my teachers were like this!

  • by James Lieu,


    I've just started the course and have completed the HTML course. The lectures are clear and precise. The way it is structured and broken down into minor chunks has made the whole learning process very easy. In addition, this course gives us free web hosting for the duration of the course whilst teaching me how to use it. This is simply something you can't get anywhere else! Highly recommend!

  • by Seonghyeon Joh,

    great course

    it's great course for beginners who want to know about web developing and many skills. I also learned lots of things I didn't know. I recommend strongly, but some of videos are not good quality (like mosaic screen. I read Rob's comment he would encode again upload.) Anyway it's a good start to be a web developer.

  • by Awais Riaz,

    Great Course For Getting Wet in web Development

    This course inspire me so much. I want to become a web developer and this is very much helping me in my way. All web terms are precisely discussed here and any newbie can pickup easily and it also giving much more about new languages so It also best option for Web developers to learn their existing skills

    Thanks Rob I highly like it and Recommend this course newbie to advance level developers

  • by Carlos Montalvo,

    Great start

    Although I has not finish this course yet, I found it really helpfull and knowledgeable. Rob explain in detail everything and the steps to take to achieve what is need it. Best of all he provide with this course a hosting plan that way students can use what they learn to a real world experience.

  • by Peter Stent,

    So far, so good

    I am only up to Lesson 63, but very much like the steady way information is imparted, in readily digestible chunks. I have also discovered that even experts need to use trial and error at times to achieve the desired result.

  • by Julian Oribe,

    Amazing!!! 5 stars

    Amazing course for anyone interested in learning everything about building websites from zero and gain amazing knowledge. Covers all the topics that you need in order to develop any website. Thanks again for building this course!

  • by Le Qin,

    Easily accessible to everyone!

    This is my first foray into web development, and I've only just started the course, but it's value-for-money, and the presence of a supportive community are what encouraged me to take the plunge and try out something I've always wished I knew!

    Thanks so much for the course, Rob!

  • by Kari Parrott,

    Thorough and practical

    I just started but I can already tell that this is course is very well structured with a skilled teacher. It's very thorough and practical. You're working online from the start with free web hosting for the duration of the course, and things are explained clearly as you do them.

  • by Bryn Pickering,

    Great structure and easy to follow!

    I've just finished the HTML section and am moving on to CSS, so far I've had more fun coding than I ever had while trying to do it myself! The steps are easy to follow and the pace is good. I'm looking forward to having some swish websites up in the near future!

  • by Eram Hugo,

    Best Course with Best Perks...

    One of the Best web developments course.And no coding background or skill required Rob can help you with all things and the free things provided with it is best and made this course one of the greatest...

  • by Prajesh Ghimire,

    Great course.

    This course is easy to understand mainly because the course is designed in that way. The course is explained in simple to understand language. So far i like it. once you start this course, you keep coming back just to know and learn more. best course i've taken so far.

  • by Richard Cranker,

    Most Complete

    This is by far the most complete wed dev. course on the internet, and the best price to boot. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in working for themselves or just wanting to work from home, everything you need to know right here !!!!

  • by Kritika Sharma,

    Excellent course for beginners

    I am learning a lot from this course and feel really confident when I work on the projects. Rob's teaching style is great! He starts from the basics and then guides you to achieve bigger tasks. I would highly recommend this course.

  • by Ibrahim Yate,

    An easy-to-use course for beginners

    Only completed around 5 lectures but it's already clear that this course is easy to use and worth the money if you're looking to pick up an extra skill for your CV or if you want to get into web development as a more long term commitment. Ibrahim Yate

  • by Les Berks,

    Great Course...

    Rob has the ability to explain a topic clearly and succinctly. The course covers a lot of different topics yet still remains accessible and understandable with Rob's clear approach. Great course and thoroughly recommended.

  • by David Diefenderfer,

    Truly an Excellent course!

    I've completed the first 3 chapters of this course and have learned so much more than i ever could have in this amount of time. Rob does an amazing job of explaining step by step instructions on design. If you have ever been curious about Web Development. TAKE THIS COURSE!

  • by Joshua Brownlee,


    I am currently attending a coder boot camp and I really depend on Mr. Percival to clearly explain topics that are glossed over in camp. Thank you Mr. Percival... well worth $200. The coding boot camp was $14,000.

  • by Ahsan Imtiaz,

    Flawless, Helpful & Detailed

    I've just bought this course, completed few lectures and really enjoy the teaching method/ techniques. How Rob explain thing... Seriously very good course if some one is interested to continue career in Web Developing like me...

  • by Andre McCoy,

    Super Course, A Must Take

    As I progress through this course I have found the information exceptionally well organized and well explained. I find myself able to complete two hours at a time without becoming saturated or bored. This is the best course I have found for learning web development.

  • by Kyle Young,

    Best Webdev course out there

    This tutorial is very well thought out, not too expensive, and comes with perks that no other courses can provide. If you want to become a great developer then no other course will help you more than this one.

  • by Dejan Georgiev,

    Very well made course

    Very good and informative course. Rob has prepared a lot of material and his teaching skills are simply with examples and clearly understandable. I like this course, i found it very interesting. Learn by doing is the best way for learning.

  • by Dean De Klerk,

    So Worth It!

    This Course is worth just for the free hosting package offered by the instructor. The content is laid out in a logical easy to follow manner and is worded simply enough that even a high school drop-out can understand it. if you haven't already considered this course you are a fool!!

  • by Max Puidak,

    Robs a great teacher

    the projects are extremely easy to follow along and he stays away from incorporating topics he hasn't covered, unlike most other course. very pleased.

  • by Hyunoo Ryu,

    Very easy to follow

    This course is good for anyone who wants an overall picture of what building websites is like. Also the free web hosting is phenomenal

  • by Christopher Reyes,

    Great Course For beginners

    I have started this course, and so far i love it, Very concise and easy to understand the concepts. thank you.

  • by Suwijak Thanawiboon,

    Best course ever

    I just create a nice Website after learn from this course.

    Free Hosting is very fast. Don't need to have own server. Thx

  • by Designation Bob Taylor,


    wow I can not believe the amount of free hosting that you get when learning to become a web developer. this is truly epic. thank you

  • by Mihnea Necsulescu,

    Amazing course

    I find this course to be more and more fascinating with each lecture. Everything is explained in a great manner and you can easily turn from a novice programmer to an experimented web developer.

  • by Abdelrahman Al Harahsheh,


    its the best course to start your web development life with, I highly recommend it, totally worthwhile...

  • by Marilyn Shedden,

    New Student

    Started course a few days ago as an absolute newbie to web designing. Steps are simple and easy to follow. Looking forward to completing the course. Thank you, Marilyn

  • by Arafat Al Mahmud,

    Excellent Lectures

    I found this course quite satisfactory. The lectures are quite informative and topics discussed in depth.

  • by Sofia Mohd Yatid,

    Friendly for Beginners!

    I don't have a background in coding at all, but this course was so easy to understand and follow! I'm student studying film, and I wanted to make my own portfolio online, so this is really helpful!

  • by Márcio Resende,

    Hopes Up!

    Hello! I'm new here but I think this course will really help me learn something as useful as Web Developing!

  • by Marcus Davis,

    Right to the point and he knows his stuff

    Mr. Percival is right to the point and knows what he is talking about. I am genuinely learning and enjoying this course.

  • by Darrell Bullock,

    Very Good Course!!

    Lessons are easy to follow and very informative. I took this to brush up on skills and learn new technology.

  • by Ben Thyer,

    Absolutely Fantastic

    Rob has created a brilliant course here with very well presented, short and to the point video clips which are very easy to understand. The whole course keeps you motivated and wanting to learn more!

  • by Michael Reccoppa,

    Awesome instruction

    Course material is very easy to follow and is explained thoroughly. Completely new to web development and this was the perfect place to start.

  • by ALIASGER,

    Self Motivational

    Course is broken down in small chunks and so that itself motivates you to accomplish a little bit everyday. Other than that help is available from discussions, email query etc.

  • by D. Becker,

    Great Intro!!

    This has been a great introduction to web programming with many different tools that can be applied!

  • by Thanh Au,

    Excellence course

    The course not only teach how to develop website but also teach you how to setup your server. Also, instructor provides us free hosting when we learn coding

  • by David Malca,

    Excellent Communication and Ease

    Mr Percival really takes the time to explain step by step. I am thoroughly enjoying this course and recommend to everyone

  • by Shafiq Marediya,

    Great Course and Resource

    Not only is this a great course for all beginners, but if you are looking to do something useful and practical, this is the course for you!

  • by Mário Cardoso,

    Great Course

    The course ir very complete and very well done. I thing it is the best one if you want to learn and improve your web programming skills.

    Strongly recommended.

  • by Thethtut,


    This course is the best course I have seen in Udemy. You can learn all basics and advance skills from this course. I hope he makes more other courses like this so I can learn much more.

  • by Joel Reeves,

    Great course

    Great course with a lot of information to learn. The free hosting is icing on the cake! I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in wanting to learn web development.

  • by Adrian Watzlawczyk,

    Great Tutorial!!!

    This tutorial is good structured. Good examples and Rob speaks very clearly and understandable. It is nice to hear it, especially for people from other countries;-)Nice helping, thank you Rob.

  • by Thomas Nettle-kampman,


    this course is amazing its easy to understand and really informative.

  • by Suyash Thakare,

    The quintessential web developer course!

    Simple great !

    A must take for aspiring web developers or computer enthusiasts!

  • by Kyle Dong,

    Very detailed and easy to follow

    The course is comprehensive and I've learnt a lot from it. And the British accent is nice :)

  • by Naveed,

    Good course.

    Very good course, and each steps well explained.

  • by Anisha,


    Thanks for a great comprehensive full course Rob and the hosting :D

  • by Hussain Zariwala,

    Intresting Material

    Hi Rob ! i just started your lecture and it was just too awesome

  • by Adekola,


    Could there be any other simple lecture guides to follow apart from this? Rob, thanks for sharing.

  • by Felipe Nogueira de Souza,

    Great Course

    This course is great. Rob, the teacher, is awesome, very good teacher!!

  • by JC Villanueva,

    Great Course.. Great Instructor

    Easy to understand

  • by Izzuddin Yushuff,

    Comprehensive tutorial

    Guided and easy to follow. Excellent for beginners to start developing website.

  • by Raghavender Rao Jitta,

    One of the best Web Developer courses out there

    Awesome course. Helped me go from a beginner to advanced developer within a week :)

  • by Sina Shirazi,

    great awsome teacher

    youre the best one :D

  • by Kiran Erra,

    Just the right stuff

    Excellent presentation. Very clear and detailed.

  • by Alex Brakspear,

    Clear, Concise and well presented

    This course has provided me with a wonderful complement to my other courses, it is well written for the most part and instructions flow well from one lecture to the next. The narrator appears knowledgeable and and the words are clearly spoken.

    The section on divs and positioning is particularly well done and really helped me understand this more thoroughly than before.

    The included hosting is a great boon for anyone wanting to mess around and share their creations with others and was quick to set up and customer support was prompt when I needed help.

    I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to start out or augment their knowledge and the access to the videos in perpetuity will be handy for many years im sure.

  • by Ilan Hayat,


    I think this course is a nice add-on for learning web dev from various sources. I picked up a couple of courses here, including this one, plus the free stuff online, and all together is pretty comprehensive.

    Rob is articulate and clear. His web hosting service is a good plus for all who are new to web hosting and an excellent way to learn by doing.

    The responsiveness to the discussions forum can be better. Not following up for closure on open questions like "my ajax code is not executing and I think I've done every right, look, here is my code please help me..." are not happening which is not good.

  • by Soul Enrapturer,

    Great Course about Front End Development for Newbies

    This course was really amazing , covered nearly every thing for front end web-development though java-script isn't advanced but enough to get one started.PHP and MySQL are used only for processing forms and do not cover advanced topics like OOP and PDO for database but the course is still valuable for newbies as it covers the basics and make you ready for advanced stuff.I'll checking out this ( ) course by the same author for learning OOP in PHP.

  • by Brendan Keating,

    Great class for the price.

    Please bear in mind for this review, I have not 100% completed the course, but I feel as though I've completed enough to give a review.

    This class is wonderful, for the most part. Great teacher, well presented and relevant sources, and the examples and supplementary resources are awesome. The one issue I have it that sometimes the companion pages for code are substantially different from the code discussed in the video

  • by Mariano Rodriguez,

    Very complete course.

    So far I have completed the 50% of the course, and I think the course covers all the essential technologies needed to begin working as a web developer. Also, the feedback from Rob is great as he will answer all your questions on the forums. If you know HTML and basic CSS and want to extend that knowledge by learning other languages/technologies I think this course is the answer.

  • by Arun Pillai,

    Just started with web development Course

    I just started with webdevelopment course. Quite comprehensive for a beginner like me. I want to build a web site for the non-profits I am supporting . So can't wait taking remaining lectures and get going.

    It starts with basic for beginner like and moves to advance for the price offering which is fantastic. Plus a webhosting to try what you have learned.

  • by Borafatta,

    I have just started this course. It seems complete and comprehensive. I have been studying web-design and development segments for longtime and I have to join them together. But this course joins all these segments in one package. I guess if Rob is true to his word this would be a great learning process ever for me. For now I will tap 4 stars. After I finish the course will decide for the fifth.

  • by Kendall Ponder,

    So far so good.

    I think the best thing about thing about this course is how Rob breaks it down into small parts. I have finished the first two sections and am looking forward to the rest of the class. Depending on when you post it may take a day to get a response and if he needs more info it may take some time to work it out but that is the only negative I have found so far.

  • by,

    Not finished yet good so far!!

    This is one of the best course so far that i'm taking, the instructor takes his time and explain well and easy to follow along, reason I haven't given 5 stars was its a lot of modules, maybe could have just have one section to go back and download the PDF instead between every modules, other than that great job!!

  • by R T,

    Very good!

    This is a well made course! It does a very good job at teaching the content (with both good teaching and well organised sections and lectures) and providing insight into most areas of web development.

  • by Tienie Victor,

    Everything you need to get started

    This course has everything you need to get started in learning how to create websites, hosting them and maybe one day working as a web developer. I recommend this to anyone. Even Software Developers that only worked in back-end development and never worked in front-ends.

  • by Larry Bommarito,

    So far, so good...

    I have enjoyed the course to this point. Mr. Percival's approach is direct, clear, and straight to the point. I have learned a great deal thus far, and hope that I can gain even more knowledge as I wend my way through the rest of the lectures.

  • by Arnold Crone,

    It's got me captivated!

    Once I started this course, I couldn't stop. I had to go on, not only following the lessons but also puzzling things out I thought of by myself. In short: great course for very little money indeed!

  • by Ben Mason,

    Accessible and fun!

    Having completed the HTML portion of this course, I'd recommend it for beginners. The videos are clear and the pace is just right.

  • by Paul Welch,

    Great Course

    This is about the 5th course on the subject matter but its the 1st to really stick. The course is very clear and goes at a nice steady pace and well worth the money.

  • by Catherine Ng,

    Great Course!

    This course has a lot of information for a beginner in web development. It is easy to follow along and create your own pages with all the skills which you learn in this course.

  • by Ethel Ng,

    Highly comprehensive

    I'm only partly through the course, but the amount of information is great value for money! The forum discussions are really helpful as well.

  • by Mahmud Hussain,

    HTML done!

    Ive completed the first section (HTML) part of the course and it is going really well for me. I cannot wait to get my hands dirty by coding up a portfolio so I can change careers! Thanks Rob!

  • by Varun Arora,

    Great Course!

    The course has a lot of material and does a great job at giving you real world experience by building several websites. I can now build simple websites with ease and little assistance.

  • by ABHI,

    Absolutely Complete course

    This course takes you from scratch, guide you to build a real website.

  • by Grand Magus Lucas Vienna,

    Nice and throughout

    Is great for learning a whole set of skills, but with no depth whatsoever

  • by Mohammad Sharique,

    excellent course to start of with web development

    very nicely compiled lectures and covers the matter very thoroughly

  • by Prathamesh More,

    Great to start learning Web Development

    I have went through this course the content are good and the explanation is also excellent.

  • by Malcolm Rose,

    So Far.. Very Good

    I have done a couple of courses in HTML/CSS but non as clearly presented as this. Its good to cover the same subject with different professionals as they all bring new ideas and perspectives, this one is particularly good (thanks Rob). Good content explained in detail and in a stimulating way which kept me focused and motivated. You can tell that Rob is enthusiastic about teaching and the subject matter and this definitely helps maximise the learning process. I have just finished the CSS lecture and am eagerly commencing the JavaScript. looking forward to some of the later subjects which will be totally new to me. If your considering learning web development, I strongly recommend this course, in my opinion - Excellent.

  • by Jay Pidazo,

    Best Web Programming Course I've ever had

    Easy to understand as Rob explains everything step by step...

    Recommended for anyone who would like to start learning about web programming.

    Great mentor+Great Content+Freebies... What more can you ask for?

    Kudos for The Complete Web Developer Course!

  • by Kamal Malinda,

    Really awesome course I ever engage...

    This is a really awesome course I was ever engage with. A lot to learn and doing. Great share of knowledge.

    Thank you Rob....

  • by Virgil,

    This is really easy to follow

    This course is really easy to follow along. I've already learned quite a bit, and I've only just started. Can't wait to get further into the course.

  • by Nina Mariana,

    Easy to set up and follow the guide given

    Learning at your own pace,good instructional videos,easy to follow and understand.

  • by Christopher Derbacher,

    This Course Is A Must For Anybody Interested In Web Design

    This course begins, by breaking down the essentials of web design and programing. Anybody, regardless of background or experience in web items, will find this course to be a benefit to them as they focus towards their own web design projects. In short, it is structured in sections, which orients the student towards specific goals, so when a section is complete it will leave a good basic understanding with the student, who can then be more ready to apply the learned techniques to their on web designs. Further, the instructor is there to answer questions, as needed. And, the bonus of FREE web hosting, that is part of taking the course, is a plus because it provides a ready platform to display what you learn and create, as well as providing a forum to use for the multiple web pages that you will create as part of what you learn through the course. Additionally, the documentation, references and links to general information regarding web design im sure will prove to be and invaluable asset for any future work or projects a student pursues. In summary, the course is not only a good place to start, but also serves as a guide towards all kinds of potential in web design. You cant go wrong taking the course. Id say you will only go wrong is you are interested in web design and dont take it.

  • by SueJ Hawkins,

    Fantastic Learning Experience


    When you designed the course you definitely had the target audience in mind. The course is for anyone that wants to learn how to build their own website and is willing to put in the time and effort. Thanks for the well thought out curriculum. The content is mapped out where you start from the foundation and build upward. Some of the content is a review for me and I am looking forward to getting into more depth. I am ready for the challenge.

    My preferred method of learning is online and having access to the videos. I can review the lectures as many times as I like. So, far I haven’t been let down yet.

    If you have any questions Rob is great about getting back with you. The discussion board is another great tool to utilize and to get feedback.

    I like the fact that we have the opportunity to get free hosting with the course and the potential to earn extra income from developing new skills.

    Rob is a great instructor and he is passionate about what he does.

  • by Jason Hawks,

    The class is amazing, Rob is very helpful and easy to follow and everything here is top notch!

    I have followed a few classes in my time and every so often I pick up a class like this to refresh me, pick up new tips or just find a new perspective on the market and web design. Rob is really the nicest man you could meet or ask for as an instructor and he WILL help you if you need him.

    From hosting to just doing what you need to do for the class, this has been one of the most impressive experiences I have had with learning for a long time. He knows his audience and will do what it takes to make sure you are satisfied!

    For matters to lengthy to go into here, there was an issue NOT caused by or at the fault of Rob but he went out of his way to make me a happy customer.

    That is truly top notch service and I cannot say enough how nice I think he has been, whether as the teacher in the video or just otherwise where I needed him.

    5 Stars from me and a giant recommendation to anyone looking for a web developer course!

  • by Lourdes Calvo Fernandez,

    100% recommended

    The way the teacher explains is perfect and from the first video, you realize that he certainly enjoys teaching. And I think that that is a very important point to make things easier to the students.

    The course is divided into several sections for a gradual and easy learning. And at the end of each section there is a very useful project to apply what you have learned. Create a replica of the BBC website is a big challenge!

    I would also like to emphasize the care the teacher gives to the details and how fast he answers the students questions.

    And finally, the voice, pitch, speed and way of speaking of the teacher makes it very easy to understand for those who do not have English as mother tongue.

    100% recommended

  • by Conor Fischer,

    3 Reasons Why you should buy Today!

    1. The quick Response and Access to Content/Help from Rob is Outstanding. (Better than any professor from an Uni).

    2. Clear and Precise on why certain things should be used. Your mind will be fussed with syntax knowledge. He wants to you do it yourself then come back to watch the project-content. BEST WAY TO LEARN

    3. The lectures are all set up in a way so that it flows right into each other. You don't have the feeling like your missing something or haven't seen something yet.

    I am a CS student that never actually enjoyed web-development because my teachers just didn't explain it correctly. But now that I took this class I feel that I am confindent in web-development and am now able to create my own ideas.

  • by Michael Morgan,

    Off to a great start!

    I'm only on lecture 32 but so far it has been a fantastic course and learning experience. I tend to get into these coding whims and will start and then lose interest fairly quickly but the course so far has kept me engaged and I will see this one to the end and continue to develop my interest in web development.

    I really enjoyed the first project...I actually just looked at your finished page and coded mine without instructions or help which I believe was the way to go. It makes it more interesting and helps the principles to stick when you have to research and find the answer yourself.

    I look forward to going on to the other other lectures and doing the activities you have prepared Rob.

  • by George Pres,

    Neatly laid out, prompt responses, what more can you ask for?

    I'm only part way through this course and I can tell right away that it's a winner. I ran into some difficulty and asked Rob for help and he responded in literally, no time flat. I've been a Udemy member for quite sometime now and a true measure of a course's worth, is by it's the time it takes for the Instructor to get back to you. Its very thorough and superbly laid out. I literally can't wait to complete it now! Thanks, Rob.

  • by Judith Doyle,

    After starting this course I know I can do it!!

    I always wanted to learn how to build a website but I was afraid I couldn't do it. Maybe it was my age or whatever. But I signed up for Rob's course and after the first few lessons I knew I could get there. Thanks Rob! I like the way the topics are presented - I don't feel overwhelmed. With each small step I know I can get there and I am having fun. Thanks for putting this together. I can't wait until I have my site up and running.

  • by Tamyra Bartley,


    I have been building websites on and off since 2006. I wanted to brush up on my skills and learn the new technologies in order to advance in my career. I came across this course and a fire in me has been re-ignited! This course is easy to follow and I love the projects at the end of each section. I am confident that once I finish this course I will be able to make the career change I am seeking!

  • by Neti Zen,

    If you enjoy hands-on learning, you will love this course.

    I have sat through courses where the instructor waffled endlessly about theory, leaving you with nothing to show for it in the end.

    This course, on the other hand, is crammed with practical projects you can sink your teeth into which is what I love most about it.

    I have also gone through a whole video course where the narrator sounded like Sid the sloth from Ice Age. In contrast, Rob's voice is clear and well paced.

    Last but not least is the free hosting.

  • by Sarah Croft,

    An invaluable resource

    I have only just started the course (having watched only a few lectures from section 1 so far), but already I can see that this is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in this area! I am just kickstarting my career in the creative industry and, with the importance of online presence and self-promotion in this industry being so huge, this will prove extremely useful. Thank you Rob! I would definitely recommend this course.

  • by Gloria Dwomoh,

    Very Impressive!

    The course has thoroughly explained, project oriented courses on HTML, CSS, PHP, along with things like the use of AJAX...bootstrap and jQuery. Everything in a pack which helps a lot in having a single course with all this in it. Also, the instructor is there anytime to answer every question which I find very encouraging and impressive.

  • by Alexandra AGM,

    Great course, easy to follow

    Even if I only reached the second chapter I can say I'm definitely enjoying the course. Rob is a great teacher and has a great way to explain and it's easy to understand and follow along! At the end of my course I'll rewrite my review giving one based on the whole course but for now this is the best course I have come across on Udemy! Thanks Rob!

  • by John Fu,

    Awesome class!!!

    It is a great course for beginner like me, who didn't even heard "HTML" before. The step by step teaching can make starters easily get into the situation. Also, with your careful explanation of each procedure, I can learn essential idea of web development. Thank you for uploading such amazing class!! ^^

  • by Miss Trinity Pate,

    Best Course Ever

    This course starts you at the basics and explains everything you need to know for web development and takes you to a very advanced level! It gives you simple steps which make sure you understand everything! I have really enjoyed myself doing it and it has made me a better coder!

    Thank you Mr Percival!

    Trinity Pate x

  • by Dan Angell,

    Excellent Developer Course - Easy to use

    There was nothing like this back when I learned Web Development! The course is well structured. For a beginner it sticks to the basics needed at each stage - so as you go along you pick up skills that by the end enable you to create a top quality product. As a long term coder it is good to brush up and use for newer areas I have less expertise in.

  • by Mohammed Kadadah,

    Very Nice Instructor and Best Web Design Course

    Rob is very nice and replies quickly to email, the course is the best web design course I have seen. It is very clear and makes you understand clearly without confusing terms and takes it step by step. Not to mention the free hosting which is actually quality hosting and free ebook. Very nice!

  • by Danny Guerin,

    Excellent Course

    I am only half through this course and have already gone from complete novice to being able to build a website using HTML & CSS. It is really easy to follow and I can't wait to get started on the rest of it.

  • by Brittany Compton,

    Leaning Sooo Much!!

    I have taken plenty of web development courses in my community college etc...However none have been as thorough and a helpful as this. I love how he takes you step by step via video it's Indispensable and you absolutely cannot beat the free hosting! Thanks! Can't wait to finish!

  • by Michael D'Ottavio,

    Wonderful course.

    This course will take you from zero knowledge to building your first websites in short order. The Instructor, Rob, responds to questions and concerns very quickly!

  • by Sunil Jindal,


    This course has everything you need to know packed into small lecture videos. Comes with free hosting for the first year! What more can you ask for!!

  • by Ramaswamy Pillai Vinob chander,

    the one stop solution to web development

    i had been doing web development thru bits and pieces using many different approaches and tools...till i found this awesome course that exactly fulfilled what i was looking for !!

  • by Faoud Mohammed,

    love this course!!!

    Excellent Course but two suggestions thing thou you should probably implement a CAPCHA on a log in form and talk a little more about the sanitizating your data before in goes into the database!!!

  • by Henry Sanford-Smith,

    Fantastic, educational experience

    This was a fantastic educational experience, would recommend to all looking to learn web design! Not only is Rob Percival a pleasure to learn from, but the course also includes great bonus features.

  • by John McMahon,

    Excellent so far

    On chapter 3 as yet, really enjoying the course so far. Time spent on a topic reflects complexity really nicely - broken up into bitesize chunks also. Really glad I enrolled.

  • by Mikey Tkaczyk,

    Fantastic Web Dev Course

    Great course, great structure, short but sweet videos keep it interesting. Everything I wanted to learn in one package. Highly recommend.

  • by Julie Chou,

    Really excited for learning

    Video lectures have good visual quality and Rob's voice is great to listen to

  • by Hannan Emran,

    Very Practical

    Rob shows you how to build websites using very practical techniques.

  • by Conny Garpo,


    Excellent course that covers many topics.

  • by Davíð Jón Stefánsson,

    5 stars!

    Best course on how to become a web developer.

  • by Mark Johnson,

    Very good course for beginners

    I love this course for someone who doesn't have any programming background. The instructor has designed a very nice easy to follow lessons that teaches the very basic of web development. The most interesting parts are the javascript, jQuery and php parts. Overall this is a very good course.

    A few things i would have loved the instructor to do, maybe in the future. Teach HTML5, it is very important to learn these days and every web developer must master this at the very beginning. Teach students CSS3, not nearly enough information about new CSS3 features from the instructor, in fact he never even went over stuff like transitions, gradients, text effects..etc. He leaves a lot for the student to go out and learn these things on their own.

  • by Brad White,

    Worth it if you're EVEN CURIOUS about web development.

    I like the projects at the end of the sections instead of after every video. It allows the brain to put it all together. I've enjoyed it so far. I like the ebook that comes with it. To get anywhere in life, you have to take baby steps first, and the book explains that in terms of entering this industry. I look forward to working all the way through this course. I took one star off because there could have been some editing to make it more professional. Other than that, its worth the udemy price!

  • by Darcell Johnson,


    I have really been looking for a way to learn at least the basics of programming and web developing, and I found this course. The simple fact that this course covers such a vast variety of topics is truly a gem! I just began the course, but I have found that the Rob makes it easy to understand if you have never dealt with web development. I am truly excited to see what else I will learn from this course!

  • by Christy Schnackel Davidson,

    Great start, looking forward to more

    Just got started with this first chapter on html. This course is easy to understand for those who are beginning. For those of us to have some knowledge, but not extensive practice, this course has great fundamentals that build a better foundation to our knowledge than we previously had. I am looking forward to digging into this course more and reading the free ebook.

  • by Andy Mertens,

    Wed Dev Course

    I have finished 31 lectures now and I am still positive over this course. Nice balance of things showed and length and the presentation is clear and good quality. I am curious to the rest of the course but I am confident this course will satisfy!

    Beginners should not miss this one, the more advanced students might pick-up some hint and tips on good standards and code practices.

  • by Jim Barger,

    Clear, Concise and Detailed Course

    So far, this course has been very clear, concise and detailed, with easy to follow instructions. It also appears that Mr Percival replies to questions in a timely manner. Looking forward to continuing on with this course!

  • by Dean Henderson,

    Great course so far!

    I wanted a web development course that covers all the basics and more. Although I have only just started, Rob's course is a joy to follow and is thoroughly compelling. I will write a further review once I have completed a few more lectures. So far so great!

  • by Sam Pollard,

    an excellent path through the jungle with Rob as our guide

    I’m only about 40% of the way through, but still feel that’s more than enough to offer a few words by way of a review.

    In the interests of full disclosure I should tell you that I bought this course for $19 when it happened to be on offer a few weeks ago. Only you can decide whether that’s unduly influencing my opinion of the course. (Personally, I feel almost embarrassed to have bagged myself such a bargain, but hey, them’s the breaks, right?)

    I was planning to set up a website using Wordpress. I’d heard that was the way to go for setting up simple websites, and while browsing for a suitable course I happened to come across Rob’s offering. Being the geek that I am, I thought well, if I’m going to learn Wordpress, I might as well go the whole way and learn all the extra stuff this guy’s teaching. One of my better decisions, for sure.

    The other thing I should tell you is that like Rob I’m an ex-Maths teacher here in the UK. I have to say, I like to think that I know a thing or three about how to explain stuff which means that whenever I’m studying any kind of course, quite independent of the instructor’s technical know-how, I have one eye on their teaching style to see if they’re any good

    In my opinion, Rob is an excellent teacher. It’s clear that he’s put a ton of work into designing this course, getting things in the right order, covering just the right amount in each lesson, making it clear what he’s going to teach each lesson, and building in challenges so that us students can check our progress.

    His presentation style is deceptively relaxed. It really is like watching over someone’s shoulder while they explain what they’re doing, but unlike a lot of technical instructors, whose knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, their subject often blinds them to the fact that things need to be properly explained, in the correct order, Rob has clearly thought long and hard about the way to structure the course.

    For me, the most important thing Rob offers on this course is a path through the bewildering array of languages/technologies facing anyone looking to get into web development. I’m old enough to have been piddling around with computers since the Sinclair ZX80 hit the shops (younger readers can Google it :-)) and over the years I’ve had a ton of fun learning a bunch of different computer programming languages, but never got into the web development side of things. (Well, I did once learn Flash and cobbled together a website, but that’s a long time ago.) Then along comes Rob, telling me that (a) I can do this stuff and (b) he’ll show me how.

    It’s my opinion that no instructor, no matter how awesome, no matter how motivated the student, can possibly teach you, in six weeks, everything you need to know to be a top-flight web developer. That’s going to depend on hard work, gaining experience and drawing on other resources (I found Rob’s coverage of CSS really good, but straight away went off and read a book on the subject. But for me, that’s the whole point of the course - I wouldn’t have read that book if Rob hadn’t motivated me to get to grips with this stuff by showing me how CSS fits into the overall topic. Now I’m back on the course, having a lot of fun learning Javascript. At some point, maybe I’ll go off and read a book on that, too. But the course is the centrepiece of my learning. Like I say, only about 40% of the way through, but fully confident that Rob will get me over the finishing line, knowing a ton more than when I started. Maybe I’ll still use Wordpress for my website. But I have a sneaking suspicion Rob is going to get me thinking about a ton of other possibilities, too. In fact, he already has.

    Oh, and one other thing - Rob clearly cares about helping his students as much as possible. He's active on the forums, helping us with our problems. In my opinion that adds a ton of value to a course like this.

    Highly recommended.

  • by Kenneth Bigodinho Maculele Ings,

    Great course with lots of information

    I have done web development in the past. This course is teaching me to use some tools I have never used. I am getting a better understand on some things I have used in the past. I think this is a great course for some that wants to learn to web development. I also think this is great for some that has been doing web development using other tools. This course covers several different technologies. I am excited to use bootstap haven't tried it before. This course with make you a versatile web programmer. I have done most of my web in I use windows based servers most of the time I will get by use a UNIX based web server for free. I was asked to teach a course once on Word press I had t decline it. I have use other technologies. This is a great course you will have several web sites that you will have completed by the end of the course which you can show as proof that you can do this type of work. You will be able to say not only can I build the web site I know how to deploy it also. So this course right here is a resume builder.

    I didn't even talk about the web hosting much but that is a great added benefit to the course

  • by Billy Williamson,

    From start to finish

    For me, one of the reasons I hesitated to really jumpstart web development was the idea of trying to figure out hosting and how to get a domain. After watching the first few videos, I was able to get hosting (obviously, as it is offered with the course) and even launch my own live domain.

    Now I have an actual website that I can use to continue learning and even show off some of what I've already learned.

    The lessons are very easy to understand and broken up into logical sections, which makes it easy to actually develop your own website as you are learning.

    You are literally given the tools and then shown how to use them.

    I feel like I've gotten a really strong start and I look forward to finishing as a confident web developer.

  • by Nicola Kluge,

    Outstanding Course!!

    I was a complete newbie to web developing and I love this course! The instructor does a great job explaining and demonstrating the course material. It’s easy to understand and follow along, and very hands-on!

    Everything I learned I was able put into practice right away!

    If I can do it, YOU can do it!

    My background: I’m a 47-year-old mom from Germany with four kids.

    I started with O% knowledge, but I was highly motivated. I wanted to know what my computer whiz kids know. Also, I own several online businesses and no longer wanted to be dependent on web managers or work with templates I may or may not like. This course delivers and gave me what I was looking for! Thank you!

  • by Chris Heron,

    Absolutely Fantastic!

    I started the course today and simply haven't been able to put it down (or move away from the pc). You delivery it well keeping the user engaged and interested. Trust me when i say this...I am hard to keep engaged on a subject so well done :)

    Started it this morning and now at 26% complete 6 hours later and I have learned more here in this one day than the 2 years at college... The reason, college made it boring. You make it exciting! I honestly can not thank you enough :)

  • by Marc St John,

    Best Class for Learning How to Code

    I have been wanting to learn how to code for a while, and have either grown bored doing it or become frustrated with the results. This course not only gives you free hosting (an amazing value), but the lessons are excellent and comprehensive. Rob guides you step-by-step towards learning how to code. In the process, you are left with REAL sites that you can use as proof to showcase your news skills. The best course I have bought on udemy.

  • by Ravi Shah,

    Step-by-step learning and fantastic forum

    The two things I have valued most so far (amongst the many great things about this course!):

    1. The videos are extremely well organised in a step-by-step fashion, so that you are learning incrementally. Within each video, instructions are clear and to the point, without sounding robotic.

    2. The forum is a friendly place! I got a response within hours of posting a question. This is encouraging and generates the feeling that you are not alone but learning as part of a community.

  • by Munadil Shafat,

    It is complete and professionally designed

    This is my first web development course in udemy. I have a lot more courses in my collection, but I have started only this. Firstly, because it is complete and secondly because it offers a professional web hosting for FREE! The course instructor is also very nice, I love his way of speaking English, it needs no subtitle to understand. I have just started the course, and I wish I will finish it soon, with a deep understanding on each and every part of it. Please pray for me so that I can...

  • by Omer Iqbal,

    Great Course

    This is the first time I purchased any course. I've learnt HTML & CSS from other sites but JS & PHP was hard (according to me). That's why I started searching for Web Developing courses on udemy. There were many but I choose this one because the instructor is a Teacher and he knows how to teach :). I've not watched all the videos but the videos which I've watched are just amazing. His teaching style is awesome :)

  • by Muhammad Daqqa,

    Amazing Course

    Hey Rob,

    This course is really awesome.

    You have do a great course, I really appreciate the investment you made in the course.

    I am software engineering student, currently I am in lecture 46, I have basic knowledge in front end development from college, however, I learned new things from the course.

    Thanks a lot

  • by Gareth Meardon,

    Excellent web developer course

    This is a very thorough and well thought out course, designed to help even the novice with little to no experience with web design. I found it top notch. It is split into hundreds of lectures, delivered through video and voice. The small lectures make it easier to pick up and remember all the new information. Excellent 5 stars!

  • by Sundus Bhatti,

    Brilliant Web development Course !!

    This is my first ever online course that I have taken. It is a perfectly organized and well delivered course. Before this course I thought building a website would be incredibly complicated and beyond my capability but now I can develop one easily.

    Great web development course, clear and concise instructions - definitely worthwhile doing!

  • by David Cooper,

    An excellent web developer course

    This is the first time I have done an online course and this from Rob is brilliant. I have dabbled with HTML, but I am really a beginner. I have found the course ideal in bringing my limited knowledge into some logical order and then to expand with CSS, PHP etc. The lectures take one aspect at a time, which helps me to retain the information. Thank you Rob for an excellent learning experience.

  • by Tony Parzakonis,

    Fabulous course for new web developers

    This is a great course by Rob which deals with every aspect of web development. Even if you're a complete novice this course will ramp up your learning very swiftly. It even provides a guide to how to make money from building websites, even while you're learning and bonus domain hosting, so people can see what you've created.

  • by R P H,

    The Complete Web Developer Course - build 14 websites

    I am very happy with this course . It has given me the confidence to create my own website and run it myself . The free hosting and use of all the tools is a big bonus and gives the hands on experience that is invaluable . Contact with the tutor is ,for me , the best part . Questions answered , links provided and enthusiasm for learning . Great course.

  • by Attila Mezes,

    outstanding, you get an opportunity to try out in real-life

    I was amazed by the service Rob provides. Good easy to follow explanations. In addition to all you will get free hosting that makes possible to upload and test everything you learned. This is more than just an ordinary course, rather everything you need to get started. I highly recommend this course.

  • by Huseyin Ozcan,

    Great course!

    This course is great! It has a very rich content, covers all of the main stuff you need to be familiar with modern web technologies, and it is very much practice-oriented, rather than theory. I have personally learned a lot.

  • by Tony Olsson,

    Very Good Course.

    The course is comprehensive and good.

    It goes through everything to become a good web developer.

    Teacher trainers Rob and very easy and understandable.

    From a very satisfied student.

    Best Regards

    Tony Olsson

  • by Claire Y. Li,

    Great course!

    I love this course, and 20% so far I found it really easy to follow, well-structured and covering a lot of things reading wouldn't teach. Totally recommended for anyone thinking about learning web dev.

  • by Chris Walsh,

    Great course!

    Just finished HTML and from what I have seen so far it seems to be a great course. It is set out well and easy to understand. I am looking forward to completing the course. Keep up the good work Rob and than you.

  • by Ricky Kim,


    I was already familiar with programming languages but did not know the process of building a website. This teaches you how to actually launch a website from scratch and this is perfect for me as I have always wanted to build my personal website.

  • by Hjalmar Braemer,

    Well prepared and easy to understand

    A very fine course, even though I haven't got that far until now, the course is motivating and fun. Of course, the inclusion of the hosting package is awesome - and I purchased my domain namer there too. So I look very much forward to learn more about web development. Thank you so far!

  • by Liran Ben David,

    Great Course

    I finally found a way to learn the things I love without paying to much and its really easy to understand and explained into depths in every part.

    Really the only thing I'm left to say that it is indeed the best course there is

  • by Sarvar Merjonov,

    Very practical

    I found this course very practical. It is clear and understandable. Especially doing projects at end of each chapters are fantastic. It is not boring, it motivated me a lot.

  • by Sedat Sert,

    Very clear and useful

    Very clear voice, a lot of good examples and a free hosting for students who want to try it on the internet. Don't miss this course!

  • by Ivana Krizmanic,

    Great course

    Comprehensive course that covers a lot. Together with free hosting it's perfect for making first steps in web development.

  • by Mujtaba Malik,

    Best Course on Udemy!

    Mr. Percival has not only taught me web development, he has made me love it. Other courses may offer a few lectures alongside a task or two, but this course is the epitome of "learning by doing."

  • by Sourabh Kumar,


    Though i have previous knowledge but these tutorials cleared my concept. They are just fab. clear and straight to the point.. Highly recommended. :):)

  • by Tony Bermeo,

    I love the examples.

    Rob has a great way of keeping me entertained the entire time. I am a 100% visual learner, so this is right up my ally. The examples keep my skills tight. I'm just embarking on JQuery...Wish me luck!

  • by Mehedi Hasan,

    Very Good

    I recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn web development. Because it's teach by example.

  • by Prashant Bharadwaj,

    Delivers what it promises

    The course is really easy to understand and everyone can get benefited from the course

  • by Jason Colby,

    Great! Great! Great!

    Very clear, concise videos and great explanations.

  • by Rizwan Patel,

    Good Beginner course

    Very good beginner course made available with all basic steps made clear

  • by Lawrence Olugbaro,


    I can recommend this course for any one that wants to be free

  • by Jeremy Lesnes,

    Lot of content !

    There is a lot of things to learn, we have a very good look on all the web technology. Bravo, it's a huge work.

  • by Annie Hartz,

    Just lovin' it!

    This course is really great. The different topics are well structured. Very well explained and easy to follow. I love especially the "projects" at the end of the separate topics. Rob does not edit out any mistakes he's making. This is great for newbies like myself because it is not demotivating as we can see that even a pro like Rob makes a mistake every now and then. Even better - we can see how he solves the problems. You learn so much more this way - thanks for that. The only negative point I have to mention is that I went to bed way too late because I couldn't stop watching/coding. When I had a problem at the start of the course it only took a few hours and Rob answered my question so I could go on. Thanks very much for this course. 100% happy with it.

  • by Nerys Meardon,

    A wonderfully thorough and accessible course.

    This is a great web developer course. Rob is brilliant at explaining complex concepts and the videos really help understand what you are doing. The additional extras are a bonus and having your own web hosting free to begin is really helpful.

    Thanks, just what I was looking for.

    Highly recommended.

  • by Eduardo Alves Cutrim Campos,

    One of the best ways to start developing for the web.

    The course is offers a great array of content, ranging from basic web page structure (HTML, CSS) to more advanced topic (PHP, databases, APIs). It hast what's necessary to start your own web projects, and the course even shows you where you can expand your knowledge. Highly recommended.

  • by Sian Meardon,

    Complete Web Developer Course

    Excellent course, very easy to follow instructions, extremely well set out. I would highly recommend taking this web development course.

  • by Abdul Basit Khan,



  • by James Todd,


    Really enjoying this course so far. haven't completed it all yet. The ONLY reason why I gave it a 4 star is because there are certain areas that seem like that I need to know have previous knowledge of, but having said that, it might just be my personal learning ability.

    Anyway over, EXCELLENT !!!

  • by Charlie Denning,

    Novice to Web Developer all in one

    This really is an excellent course!

    The course very successfully builds from a solid foundation of basic essentials tools, introducing more complexity on the way with ease and eventually arriving at a point where you can build fully functional websites with understanding and confidence. You’ll also be shown how to troubleshoot and taught the skill to come up with a myriad of web solutions.

    Becoming a successful web developer, I realise now, requires a knowledge in many areas and this course cleverly identifies each one of them teaching you the main elements then integrating them with deftness.

    The tutorials are clear and concise without any technical jargon fogging the learning process. Rob manages to cover a lot of ground by keeping the tutorials simple yet including the the important components and setting projects that are exciting and relate to the real everyday web world.

    Rob always responds promptly to any queries, so rest assured if you’re stuck with a problem you won’t be there for long!

    With the technical information learnt on this course together with the business skills guide integrated into each section then, if you’re hungry, I’m sure you can successfully channel your skills and your newly gained confidence to create a successful web business.

  • by Derek Ward,

    Looks good.

    So far have done the first few intro videos and seems to work well. Also am happy with the course outline and what it will cover, looking forward to it. Rob is clear in his intuctions and easy to undertsand and follow.

    Also really good to have the free web hosting associated with it which will allow me to have websites up and running live on the web without the extra hassle/expense of hosting.

  • by Suba S,

    Excellent Course!

    Hi Rob!

    Excellent course! As mentioned by others it covers pretty much on the web development side. Just one suggestion. One problem with online courses is participants leaving half way without completing the course. Although this may not be your problem, it's worth looking at ways to help participants complete the full course to reap the benefits, esp given the length of this course



  • by Emerson Hardisty,


    I've only done a little bit of this course so far, but I can tell already this is absolutely brilliant! Many thanks to Rob for posting this, well worth the money to anyone serious about web development, and if you get to the end and decide it's not for you, you get a full refund!

    What more could you want?

  • by Bixby,

    Love it!

    I've played with Bootstrap and I have a decent understanding of the framework so my main goal for getting this course is to get another perspective of Rob's workflow working with it. I must say that I am learning a lot of valuable techniques that I can pick and apply on my own workflow. Learning by doing really is the best way for me to learn new things. I highly recommend this course.

  • by Mohamed BOUBRIMA,

    Excellent course

    As the title of the course says,

    it is a complete course web developer

    this course cover all thing and techs that a web developer need,

    i highly recommend this course to anyone who need to be a web developper

  • by Eslam Shaker,


    I attended other courses for learning web development but this is by far the best . it covers every aspect by great details and easy to understand . and also the projects at the end of each chapter are great.

  • by H M,

    Great course

    I'm really enjoying this so far. I haven't done any programming or coding before and thought it would be way over my head, but the way Rob explains things is really clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

  • by Jo Sayers,

    Amazing, whatever your level

    Really clear and informative lessons, very nicely laid out and some excellent extras thrown in. A great place to start your journey or brush up your skills

  • by Karthik,

    Excellent and most complete!

    This is the most complete course I have so far taken in Udemy. And Rob is a natural teacher-very easy to follow.Plus you get free hosting. I have only one word to say-Wow!

  • by Samolademiji Odutola,


    this is arguably of the best web development i have seen on udemy so far.not only is the course great, it also comes with a free hosting plan so that you test it a live server. great job Rob!

  • by Humberto Quevedo,


    This course include all the topics that I need to start making money on the web development industry.

  • by Adam Skaggs,

    Great overview of html

    Although I haven't gotten very far in the course, the HTML section is probably one of the clearest overviews i have seen in any course. Course is recommended.

  • by John Harper,

    Fantastic content

    I've just gotten started on the lectures and I'm already learning so much! As a tech 'wantrepreneur' this is providing me with a lot of the tools and knowledge I'm going to need! Thanks Rob!

  • by Mohsin habib,

    Nice work

    Best course for learning web development

  • by Robert Deacon,

    Something for most levels

    This course does go a long way to being a complete web dev course. From the basics to semi advanced. I will be topping up a few things I thought I had and learning a few new things too.

    The lecturer is quite clear in his presentation and goes into a good amount of detail.

    I wish i'd had access to this when I was learning years ago.

    Beyond this course I would like to see something along the lines of 'Responsive Design Structure' or 'Advanced customization of Wordpress php' for example as a personal choice. Otherwise very nicely done.

  • by Mark Long,

    The Complete Web Developer Course

    Wow! What an amazing course at such a bargain rate! The quality of the instruction is broad, deep, timely, relevant and very high quality. If that were not enough the free hosting package makes this an irresistible offer! What a lucky find...thanks for the wonderful course!

    Mark Long - Glendale Ca.

  • by Shubham Marathia,

    It's like doing for mankind

    thanx you have done a great job towards mankind, i wish i could gift mankind like you ....thanks a lot

  • by Lynn McColley,

    Rob Percival's Complete Web Developer Course

    STOP! - This is the course you're looking for. Here's are 4 reasons why:

    1. The instructor, Rob Percival is both a working web developer and a former teacher. He knows the tech and he understands teaching. His lectures are clear and concise and easy to follow. The information is well organized.

    2. He gives you a year FREE Unlimited Hosting. You can host as many sites as you want. Normally you'd spend well over $100 on this. It's a great way to jump start your new web development business.

    3. It's more than just the tech - you'll learn how to start your own business. Rob includes his e-book "How to earn $10,000 dollars while learning to code." The book gives you instructions on how to get your own web development business started. Not generalizations, but actual steps. It's broken up with the chapters placed along the course at the locations where they will do you the most good.

    4. It's guaranteed. Rob will refund your money if you don't make the cost of the course back before you're done. Maybe you're not cut out to be a web developer, maybe online learning won't work for you, maybe... - this is the no-risk way to find out. All you'll risk is your time - not your money.

    There are several web development courses available on Udemy. I'm sure the others are fine, too. But for the most part they were created by companies that have many other courses out there. Rob is there, actively answering questions in the comments, encouraging you along the way, caring about your success. What could be better than that?

  • by Kalyan Reddy BL,

    Excellent course for amateur WEB DEVELOPERS because this course is as per current real time standards !

    I personally recommend this course because I almost enrolled every web development course here in udemy ,but they dont really help me . This course is as per the real time web development industry standard .The instructor of this course Mr.Rob Percival made this amazing course which really helps you alot if you are going to start a web development career .This course will help you alot as it also contains Bootstrap , Wordpress , Api's ( which really plays key part ) ,and current trend which is mobile app development . So instead of taking other useless webdevelopment courses in udemy I suggest to take this course so that you can save your time, money and find your self in better position in web development .

  • by Ian Wilson,

    Concise, up to date and depth course

    In the spirit of full disclosure Rob asked me to review this in depth web development course. As a professional web developer I have been a customer of Rob's for quite a few years, and the offer of a years free web hosting for course participants is a great deal.

    Now back to my review!

    To put it simply "This is the course I wish I had when I was learning web programing". it is up to date and informative and assumes no previous knowledge, taking students from complete first principles all the way to creating mobile web apps in a series of over 200 video lessons.

    Excellent content and value, in fact I will be going through the modules and filling in any knowledge gaps I still have.

  • by Abdoulie Gaye,

    The Complete Combination For web Developers

    I have built few Wordpress and Joomla websites with little knowledge of coding. I thought about getting it deeper several

    times but could not find a web developer course that combines HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, WordPress etc.. +++ free


    Rob came out with the right course for me.

    I have just gone through the first videos and guest what the structure sound and video quality perfect. The tutor

    explanation perfect.

    Just Keep an eye, I will be updating you as I go deeper.

    Would definitely recommend this one.

    Just begin coding and ofcourse step by step. Very interesting.

    Thanks Rob for making coding simpler.

  • by Sue Hodgetts,

    Impressed with such a broad range of content

    Rob, I'm really excited about following this course. It's fantastic that as a relatively experienced web designer, I can dive right into the elements that I've not explored before and effectively tailor it to my own requirements. The videos are very clearly laid out and the commentary is clear and well paced.

    As far as the hosting is concerned, I actually host all my sites with Ecoweb already and can assure anyone new to Ecowebhosting that I have found it to be an excellent hosting provider with superb, personal support.

  • by Dennis D'ettore,

    The Complete Web Developer Course

    Looking forward to getting into the software deeper and this is the course to teach it... looking forward to receiving my password and log-in instructions ...

    eco web hosting is a pleasure to work with - working out problems with them has been effortless...

    great company and program thanks udemy for intro...

    just to update for those whom may not get it loaded the first time or if you need assistance Rob's there. patiently getting you through the frustration, i attest to that!

    looking forward to a great experience.

  • by Marcus Handa,

    Great so far

    I've completed about 15% of the course but from the small amount I've seen I've been very impressed with the content. Rob is a great communicator/teacher so it is very easy to follow what he teaches. As I've said I'm very impressed with the course so far and have no doubt that the rest of the course will be more the same.

    The sheer number of projects you'll complete is unique compared with other courses here on udemy and will be things you can add to your portfolio. So if you are going to invest in any web development course I advise you to seriously consider this one.

  • by Mike Aelrichs,

    Want To Learn Coding?

    This truly is an amazing course for anybody wanting to learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCIPT, PHP, API’S, and MYSQL to name but a few of the coding methods in this course.

    Rob Percival has packed over 28 hours of quality teaching, spread over 236 lectures. This is an interactive course; you’ll be developing your website as you learn. Rob supplies one year’s free hosting so you can perfect your skills at your own pace.

    I’m truly blown away by the simplicity of Rob’s course, easy to understand and even easier to follow.

  • by Matthew Bowers,

    Well-paced, fun and easy to listen to

    This is a great web development course at a fraction of the price that a college or training centre would charge, taken at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Mr Percival is easy to listen to and covers the subject matter by example, getting you to actually code things yourself rather than simply passively taking it all in. Great for both beginners and those more advanced coders who wish to fill in gaps in their knowledge. I recommend this course to anyone with an interest in web coding / development.

  • by Rogelio,

    Excellent, excellent!

    What amazes me with this course is the complete information that you would learn that is relevant for creating a website in 2014 and beyond. The instructor would show you the basic and advance step on how to create an amazing website in weeks. It is like taking a course in a university but more convenient and more complete for a fraction of a cost. This would make someone's skill to be more marketable to build a profitable website for business and personal.

  • by Irma Lamberts,

    Exactly what I needed

    I started this course recently and am happy I found it. For a beginner, it takes you through the process step by step, in a way that is easy to follow! The lectures are organized in a logical way, and you can skip the parts that you already understand. The lecture have the right pace, and the voice is nice to listen to (important when you listen to it for over 200 lectures long ;). And the free web hosting is a very nice added bonus!

  • by Leandre Maheu,

    Excellent offer

    I have been shopping for exactly this. Not only We get to learn how to program from scratch but we can continually put everything we learn to create on the web and every little bit is explained. Also, the video quality (you have to switch to 720p) and audio are perfect. I recently dropped out of codeacademy again and I getting back in to working on my first steps in programming thanks to this course. Will update this reviwn in time. And thank you Rob ! Leandre

  • by Aliza Chana Zaleon,

    Great Web Development course

    This course is a great, hands on web development course! It goes through everything that one needs to know to build and develop a website by having you do everything yourself with a website that you are actually building - as the course gives you hosting for your projects. I'm learning a ton, and I would recommend this course for anyone who needs to learn how to build and manage websites or anyone who wants to build a great website!

  • by Daniel Vincent,

    Comprehensive and clear

    As a beginner, I was daunted at first by what seemed really complex ideas and processes, but the videos are clearly presented and break everything down into easily manageable chunks. The course covers loads of material as well, so it really is a great way to get started. I've done other online courses and I know from experience that the quality of instruction can vary wildly, but so far I'm really please with this one.

  • by Ahsan Naseem,

    Simply Awesome

    That's an super awesome content, crystal clear voice. I have registered for several courses for Web development and I can say non of them have such clear instructions let alone the super awesome content.

    I have just started it and I am really excited about how the course is based on developing real life projects.

    Then the cherry on top is getting Free Ebook on freelancing, Free Hosting.

    Looking forward to finish it as soon as possible.

    Thanks a ton for this course.

  • by Adrian State,

    A complete gem

    Have to say it - this is one of the clearest and best crafted course I have seen on the subject of web design. It imparts the information in such an enjoyable manner that you cannot fail to take it in. I heartily recommend it to anyone who has had difficulty with other courses, this is the only course you need.

  • by Karin Dixon,

    A very comprehensive course

    As someone who has experience of editing an existing website, but completely inexperienced in setting one up from scratch, this course looks very comprehensive and exciting, if a little daunting. Certainly a very useful resource for those who are more experienced and seeking to top up their knowledge on specific topics.

  • by Timothy Payne,

    If you want to learn the basics of web development fast...this is the course to take!

    When I enrolled, I thought, I will go through the introduction and maybe the first lecture. After completing Lecture 9, I realized that this course had kept me enthralled! Many lessons for a well-rounded experience, and spoken and demonstrated in a manner that any techie, or tech-challenged can follow.

  • by Ron Fairfield,

    Amazing work

    I know how much work goes into creating something like this. Thank you Rob, looking forward to working through this, it will take me time (not as young as I was) Also like to say that I do use eco web hosting and it is the tops.

  • by Sam Faraj,


    Thank you so much for this. I am an absolute beginner to the Internet world. I didn’t even know I needed a host, haha. Now is the time to totally educate myself from the grassroots. The course is clear, concise, and takes you through it step by step.

  • by mr James Goodwin,

    Brilliant, Generous, Innovative & Clear

    Already just starting this course I feel very supported and what strikes me is the generosity of what is offered. The video's are super clear with everything I need to know to get started 5 stars from me!

  • by Donny M,

    Just love this course!

    Learn to code and get "FREE" hosting along with it... What an awesome course and deal for anyone looking to get web development! If you're looking at any other course on Udemy I would highly recommend this one. -Thanks for the great course Rob!

  • by Tucker Nichols,

    Great Course

    This course touches on some of the most important aspects of becoming a web developer and the material is explained very well. Easy to follow and understand. This is a great course to start a career as a web developer!!!!

  • by Ishaan Bansal,

    Haters would Hate ~ Learners would be Excited and Determined

    finding such a course that covers everything. just awesome.

    and not only does it just covers everything, but the side by side examples and e-book makes this course the best choice for any aspirant.

    thanks a ton Rob!

  • by Kazi Shafiqul Alam,

    Step by step guide to learn web development and earn.

    This is a nice organized course that will lead you to learn not only details of web development but also branding yourself in the marketplace. Maximum course only teaches the core things of development, but this course will also teach you how to get jobs from the market place and build reputation.

  • by Edward Collins Dean,

    Great Course!

    The range of subjects this course covers is incredible. Not only that, the instructor sets you up with free web hosting and a complete book on how to make money while learning to code! Highly Recommended.

  • by Shakhawat Chowdhury,

    Great Stuff for Starting Web Development Career.

    Thank you for such a wonderful course. I was thinking how much time and effort you have given to prepare this course. This is huge and step by step process. Very very useful for the beginners who really like to learn and start Web Development career.

  • by Nagarajan M,

    Detailed course for Free!!!

    this is one of the detailed course i took on web development and its free and he even gives free hosting!!!

  • by Pedro Jimenez,

    Amazing Course!!!

    This is an amazing course. Even english isn't your native language (my case), the course it is clear, very easy and professional.

    Congratulations Rob, good job!!!

    Regards from Spain.

  • by Vijjay G,

    One single word WOOOOOW

    Very usefull stuff all the explanations and Insights are very helpful for my live web development project, and I request you conduct course for Mobile Application Development too.



  • by Ben Tristem,

    My god, this really is complete!

    20+ hours of content, that's crazy. I was sceptical when I read "complete"... as a fellow Udemy instructor I just can't believe how much content Rob has created here... and it's amazing quality too.

  • by R Marx,

    Only just started (from scratch), but looks promising

    Seems clearly structured and easy to navigate; the few lectures I have followed so far I have actually understood Am looking forward to learning more - Thank you!

  • by Nabin Shrestha,

    Everything you need to begin your career in web development

    Very interesting and covers almost all the topics needed to start building your own website. I'm still taking the classes but I have learnt so much so far!

  • by M L,

    Great course!

    Didn't know any coding. Now, I'm a web developer.

    You can't beat this course. It's amazing. Will take

    any courses made by Rob.

  • by Anika S,

    Thorough and clear

    Thanks for putting this course together, Rob. Looking forward to getting stuck in!

  • by Leonel J. Dávalos,

    Great course!

    Thank you for this amazing course. It's really a COMPLETE web developer guide.

  • by Thinh Nguyen,

    Excellent Course for anyone who want to become a Web Developer !

    I love this cource, It contains everything for newbies who want to become a real Web Developer !

  • by Misa,

    Many thanks!

    Great course and my gratitude for making this course available to all..

  • by Liana Lala,

    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks a lot for Rob!

  • by Jaswanth Reddy Punreddy,

    Excellent Course

    This the excellent course for web development to get the complete idea of the web

  • by Junk Buster,

    So far so good

    I've only just started the course a couple of days ago but so far so good. If you want to learn the basics of web design you'll certainly find the course a good starting point. It pretty much covers all the basics - from basic HTML and CSS to Wordpress and PHP. The only topic that seems to be missing is HTML5 (which among others introduced a whole bunch of semantic elements).

    The course consists almost entirely of videos. Personally, this isn't my prefered method of learning - I find it much easier to read about the various topics covered in the course (it's difficult to quickly go back to, say, that bit about the 'strong' element). That said, the videos are brief and well structured.

    I'd strongly recommend learners to practice as much as possible. Once you know the basic structure of a web page (covered very early on) you can start making web sites. There's no better way to learn coding than by writing lots of code and solving any problems you might come across.

    In short, the course will give you a solid foundation but to earn that $10k within a couple of months you'll have to do more than watch the videos ;).

    Happy coding!

  • by Qiaoxu Chong,

    it's good

  • by Maulik Sonigra,

    Great course

  • by Francis Fauvelle,

    Just amazing

  • by Lloyd Akpan,

  • by Ambrish Shukla,

    g8 course for beginners

  • by Brice,

  • by Kirsten Ockendon,

  • by Jehonatan Rotem,

    helpful and interesting

  • by Joseph V,

  • by Carlo Karcher,

  • by Tom Percival,

  • by Mohamed Essam,

  • by Kyle HellHound ZA Ecko,

  • by Michelle Teo,

  • by Jay Mayu,

  • by Attraz Hwl,

  • by Aydns7 - -,